• heart This is a very famous story that still haunts my father and mother. It ocasionally gives me the heebee jeebees!! So, if ur afraid of the paranormal, or are a stubborn jerk who dosent beleiveve and refuses to even try and believe, I suggest you dont read ahead.

    If you are a close freind of mine, you will know of my older sister, Crystal who my mother gave birth to as a teen. She was premature and sadly did not make it very far. Also, if you have read that blog, you will know of my brother, Nathan. At the time of the story, he was about 2 years old.

    Here's the story:

    It was about 3am when my father woke up to the sound of Nathan crying. My mother was asleep. My father put on his glasses and slowy tryed to wollow out of bed. After a buisy week at work, he really needed his sleep. But he froze.

    Sitting on the floor in the corner, a white, pale, fuzzy, ghostly girl stood up.

    "Chad. Do not worry. I'll handle it. You need your sleep, now go back to bed." ,The girl told him.

    My father (Chad) was speechless. He did not know who she was, but he followed her commands and covered himself,staring at the young girl.

    He shook as the girl walked out of the bedroom. She grew with every graceful step. From a toddler to a full grow woman,until she walked out of the room.

    Seconds later, Nathan stopped crying.

    The next day, my father told my mother and called up her freind. My mother was a ghost tracker, and so was her freind.

    When her freind came she, stood in the place where the ghost girl sat. In the corner.

    She froze,"Amy?"

    "Yes?" my mother(Amy) answered.

    "Who's Crystal?"her freind asked.

    This question paralized my mother. She sat on the couch in tears.My father tryed to comfort her.

    Once she gathered herself together, she answered,"Crystal was a child I had many years ago, but she was premature and died."

    My father had not known of Crystal. But it all made sense. Crystal had watched over her brother. and she always would.

    Crystal visits me. So does Nathan. They all care about me. And I care about them.