So we were all in a blimp, at school somehow. Suddenly a boy popped out a gun, and shot the blimp down. We were screaming down the way down. But fun screaming. So we plopped next to a school, and it took us maybe a second to run inside. Somehow, the scene tunred into my Grammy's house, and we all got in out seats.
    Everyone was picking on this one freckled, 6 year old blonde girl, so the teacher told her to go outside and go into the room back there. So she nodded her head and left.
    Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom, and while I was, the power went out. Something was dripping on me, and I screamed. But then I heard laughing from outside the door, and I knew it was the other students.
    So, I walked to the back room that the teacher spoke of to the girl.
    One Problem.
    There was no back room. It was all burned down. So, of course, my instincts tell me to look for her. I hear a giggle come from behind me, and there's a built up hallway, with glass walls, and a door in front of me.
    The blonde was walking in there, so I opened the door, and ran to her.
    "Where have you been?!" I shook her, my eyes widening. She looked paler, chalkier than I remember. I didn't care. "I've been looking for you!"
    The girl didn't answer, and I stepped back. Her teeth grew like fangs, and I asked, "What are you."
    Her eyes turned from blue to black, and she said. "You really want to know?"
    She smiled a blood-curdling smile, and tilted her head.
    The lamp above us that put light through the hallway, turned red, and blood dripped down. The girl tilted her down and I screamed.
    Everything blacked out, no light. I heard a giggle burst from her lips.

    Now, since this happened in second grade, of course it gave me some trauma. Duh! But yeah....