• "OMG! Zoey! Look over there! Jake is so staring at you!" My best friend Maddie gawked "Maybe he will invite you to the end of the year dance!"

    "I hope that he does" I responded. I have liked Jake Larson since 6th grade! He has straight brown hair, Brown eyes, a perfect face, and everyone likes him (including me!) I looked over and caught him looking at me. His face turned red and turned toward his friend Jordan Phills.

    "NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY!" my other friend, Ellie screamed so loud everyone stared.

    "Ellie....." Maddie groaned "You are so embarrassing!"

    "But...But.....But.... He's looking at Zoey! This could be like the whole Cinderella and Prince Charming thing!

    "Of course, heres the evil step-sisters" I sighed. Up walked Jennifer and Jessica. They were the rulers of Buckmith Junior High. And the presidents of Jake Larson's "fan club".

    "LOOK, you better stay away from OUR man!" Jennifer threatned.

    "Yeah! If you don't you'll be sorry" Jessica added.

    "Awwww sorry guys Jakes TAKEN. Plus, Jake doesn't LIKE brats with a bad case of the ugly!" Maddie giggled. We all started laughing while Jennifer and Jessica stared at us with glaring eyes. They turned, flipped their hair, and walked away. All of a sudden I saw Jake moving toward me. He smiled at me and Maddie and Ellie skipped away giggling.

    "um hi um Zoey" Jake said.

    "Hey!" I smiled

    "I was......wondering....... if you know, you wanted to go to the dance...with....me?" He looked at the floor embarrassed

    "YES!" I blushed "I mean, of course!!"

    "Cool" he grinned "I'll see you there!" Out of the corner of my eye i saw Jennifer and Jessica with tears in there eyes! Then, the screams of my two best friends were heard running up to me.


    "YES!" i spilled "it was soooooo romantic!"

    At the dance we talked, danced, ate, smiled, laughed, and at the end of the dance we were talking when all of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me in front of EVERYONE!! Now that was a night to remember heart heart heart