• I want you to give it your all. Never stopping for anyone but yourself because your so intent on your goal. But if I asked you to stop, would you take your time off to listen?
    I know where your at, and I know how you feel. But you never try to understand me. No one has, and thats my cry for help. All I want is someone to hear me out, to take my thoughts into their heads, to help me clear things up.
    So I take up a form of literature, a simple thing called letters and words.
    They express how you feel, no matter how clear it is, the reader will understand what you mean. That is what I believe.
    Whats the point of reading, if you don't take in account whats behind it? Would you honestly read something, without thinking of what might happen, how the character feels, what it would be like to be in their position?
    I was reading a story, called Keturah and Death. The final two chapters and few lines intrigued me, made me think harder about the story. Her friend, John, loves her and says he will battle Death for her. But Keturah has a seeing eye in her apron pocket made by Soor Lilly, who soon passed away from the plague (I would think so..), and the seeing eye tells her, it is not him who is her true love. Her friend, Greta says, "How can you love a man as cold as Death?" John says, "How can you love someone who has taken so many innocent lives?" And yet, all is lost when Death has a reply ready. "No one is innocent, no matter how they seem. They sin when they are little, and still sin as they grow older."
    Lord Death listened to Keturah. A real tale. A story truer than true. No one had listened to her, except her friends and when she told tales to the people of Tide-By-Rood. Keturah had fooled Lord Death into loving her, because of her story and her life of everyone, and Death had made Keturah fall for him by simply listening. If John had listened to her thoughts, (in my head.) would Keturah had fallen for him because he just cared? In the end, Keturah claims to love Death, because he was the only one who truly cared for her, for herself. Soor Lilly's charm never worked. Because Keturah, was already in love.
    This made me wonder. Do we all have a love we are unconscious of? Is listening more than what it defines? What kept Death from taking Keturah's life was her story of her life. The one where he needed to hear the end, and could not just take it away.
    The author had written it for someone who died, a walk to death with her.
    And she/he clearly expressed that with this book.
    Words, simple words, all add up to a great meaning.
    Just listen. Listen, read, see, think. You do this when you see words. You listen to the voice of the author. Your reading their thoughts. You can visualize whats going on. And you think, who, what, when, where, why, how?
    Sorry, that was long. But hears my thoughts.
    You never listen. You cancel me out. Whenever you speak, my voice is plugged out. I'm never important enough. I'm not worth a second of your time. You make it seem like this is all true. I'm stressed. All the girls cause drama because they act better. I'm hurt, and confused. If you care, do you treat someone like this? You tell everyone my problem when I tell you. It hurts that you would go about saying that. It just hurts thinking you don't care, with your actions to prove it.
    Do your best with your work, and I promise I'll pay you your wage. At the least I'll be worth a few minutes of your time then.