• My Latest update is about forums.Making forums,joining forums,specifically ropeplays.Dont you just hate it when you spend hours on a forum,and nobody even considers to look at it,despite your amazing ideas,and advertizements?I swear,some of these forums are so complex,you could make half of them into novels,and they would sell bigtime.My older sister recently did one called Eyes.I just about died reading the storyline.She got about three Pms about it.If she really thought about it,she could write a novel based on what all she wrote,and she'd make a fortune.These are great ideas people need to learn about.If you would just put some effort in,These people,these hardworking people would be best-selling authors by now.

    Im sick of all these "alice in wonderland" type forums.Do you honestly think that any of those people that do them know anything more than the disney movie version of Lewis Carrol's masterpiece?How many do you think have read the book?Giving an honest number,I'd say MAYBE ten or twenty out of a thousand.There are so many of them too.How popular could it be?I mean,usually with that type of forum,theres one or two characters that people actually want.Would YOU want to be tweedle dee and tweedle dum?i thought not.SO im thinking the biggest roles are Alice,the cheshire cat,and the madd hatter.Alice is a typically female part,true,but most would think thats pretty sexist.why not change alice to alexander?or alec?in comments,please post which character you think is most popular.

    Another thing that is spamming up the internet.Slave and master RPs!Nobody wants these overly romantic and saddistic crap that shouldn't be on the site to begin with!Think of something else instead of this gross crap!

    Another thing.I know this is an anime site butr those of you who are doing Fanifcs about certain animes all the freaking time talking about how you and these certain characters are in gross romantic situations need to GET LIVES!

    Literacy.How literate do you have to be in an online Roleplay?Are you people that stupid?literacy is fine,but no one wants to drool through a boring as hell 30 paragraphs short of a novel post.no one on the planet.
    on that note,no one likes one line posts.writers block is naturally understandable with everyone,but if your doing one liners every post,get the hell out of the forum.how on earth am i supposed to reply to the idiotic chick that types,"she blinks and nods while smiling."?i cant.Do one liners secretly get a kick out of watching us moderatly literate people,who write good amounts of posting,boggleing our minds trying to reply to THAT?
    dont get me wrong,im not just picking on the non-literates.i also hate it when i try to join a forum,that has to have a MINUMUM of fifty something paragraphs!This one is an absolutly true story.I once tried to join a forum that had a simple literacy policy,and it seemed fair.so i sent in the profile,and applied for student council on the story.The creator replied,"im sorry,but the student council is for people with special names."i wanted to scream into the monitor at him,"who the hell do you think you are telling me that my name isnt special enough?!?!?!Do i have to have a name like,'agatha isabella gwenivere mumbo jumbo blah blah smith'?Dude,your mad!"Its you OVERLY literate people that annoy the crap out of EVERYONE.Literacy is fine to an extent,but dont over,or under do it!

    I also hate it when those idiots who dont know how to post,interuppt the story,with a post that it a profile.most on this site,are over 14.so why dont you read.sometime youll find that you need to SEND IN THE PROFILE!read the rules! scream im constantly tearing my hair out with you people that just cant read!if it say to post in third person,dont send in a post like,"i walked into the room and everyones face turned to me".you idiot.that is first person.think before you post.
    then there are the ones who just arent cut out for forums.the ones who are constantly asking questions."do i do this,or that,that or this?what is this,and that?"SHUT UP!Face it.no one wants to put up with you.if your honestly confused,watch others.im sure youll figure it out,and if you dont,just read.im sure youll enjoy yourself.

    then,there are you whiners."people are leaving me out!" gonk no one cares.find someone to talk to.engage in conversations!your being left out is not our problem!

    if you object to anything i said,comment.im not looking for good reveiws,and i dont care if you agree with me.im speking whats on my mind.