• watching...waiting....
    waiting for you
    to save me
    save me from this hell
    dreadfull wispers mumble in my ear
    "hes not going to come my dear"
    down into the darkness waiting for his voise
    do i have the choise?
    can i save myself
    or do i watch and wait...
    falling falling so deep
    waching for your soul to keep
    keep me safe and keep me warm
    for you hand to pull me up,save me
    in this cold stunning pool
    something grabs me
    pulling me down
    below the blackness the dark
    watching waiting...trembleing...shaking
    waiting for this hell to end
    falling falling
    going up
    how can i be falling up?
    a voise in my head wispers the cool meldoy
    "watching,waiting-waiting for him to save you"
    a hand at my wrist pulling me up
    giving me air
    floating floating
    at the surface of the drownding pool
    watching waiting...to see you-feel your touch
    where are you?
    wathcing and waiting
    watching the boy swiming to the shore
    waiting waiting for him to turn
    and there he turns watching..waiting..
    waiting for me
    swiming swiming
    to shore to the boy
    "i've been watching-waiting...for you"
    his voise so smooth
    where are you?why is he here
    here saving me
    abandond left to die
    by you...
    my watching and waiting ends as the boy kisses my lips
    ever so softly i kiss back
    no more watching
    no more waiting
    for you to save me
    no more falling,drownding
    cause of your lost memory
    your last memory of me
    the dreadful watching and waiting
    for a love who doesnt care
    walking walking back with my new boy
    not seeing you swiming to shore with roses for me
    love for me
    not seeing you watching waiting for me to meet you
    meet you at the spot we said we would meet
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