• Alice was a twelve years old girl who was not afraid of dark but her wild imagination made her worried of things and events that might happened in her life. On one night, Her family decided to move to a new house. Alice was extremely excited but her brothers felt insecure. When they arrived at their new house, Alice felt horrified to know that they were the only ones in that block. She dissent to stay there. Her mother showed her arm akimbo and scolded "you must stay here and make yourself comfortable! No one here in this block, then good. We can make a lot of noise" .
    Alice and Amanda were in trance. The first night in the house was extremely horrible for Alice second eldest brother. He despised that day and greatly refused to talk about it. That night, he went into his enormous and luxurious room. The night was peacefully quiet. "Good Night" He greeted to his family and slammed the elegant wooden door. The slam resonated throughout the house. "Night" Alice replied as she entered her room.
    Her brother, Kenlevenson want to to sleep under the covers of the bed. He lifted and fell back. There was dead flat lizard on the bed. He felt shocked so he slept on the brown sofa. He turned and saw picture of ancient people. It looked like he's sleeping in a haunted mansion. The light shinning through the curtain made the room eerie. He could not sleep. He stayed awake till his eyes gave away.
    A loud thud startled him. The doorknob was turning. The doorknob kept turning but did not open. "Mum....... Is...Is that....you?" Kenlevenson shuttered. His lip was quivering and his teeth chattering. There was no answer. " Mum........please....... don't....scare me..." He said. then a voice said "Son opened the door". He opened and her mother said. "Don't have to open your light. There is light outside. She went out and and went to her room. The she switched off the outside light. He tossed and turn in fear again.
    At the same time Alice and Amanda were sleeping in the same bed because they were sisters and there was not enough beds. Alice slept peacefully. In the middle of a night. Alice snatched the blanket mid-consciously. Amanda woke up and tried to snatched back. Alice kicked Amanda. It was pain so Amanda let the blanket go and turned. An hour later Amanda snatched back half of the blanket . She turned hugging the boaster. Alice grab the boaster and tried to put her leg on it. "please don'tlah! Alice" Amanda plead. they wrestled the boaster.
    Amanda was fed up. "Nah! Take it " She threw the blanket at Alice