• My Rant on Facebook

    Facebook. Odd name.
    Does it mean your face is in a book? No. Of course not.
    Facebook, two compound words. FACE and BOOK.
    There might be stalkers on there, stalking you. Probably. Maybe not.
    You could put your pictures up. That's pretty fun, actually.
    I actually like Facebook. I might join.
    I might use a fake name and real picture. Or fake picture and real name.
    Maybe fake all, maybe fake none. I don't really care.
    And what's with the "POST WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING" thing? Really.
    "Oh, I'm on Facebook!"
    "I took my laptop in the bathroom and I'm peeing."
    "I'm talking to my mom."
    "I'm leaving my window open while I change."
    "I'm thinking about Twitter and how I like Tweeting."
    "I'm coughing."
    "I'm at my boyfriend's house!"
    "I'm watching TV Tokyo."
    "I'm on a plane to Italy!"
    Really. Wouldn't your mom know you're Facebooking as you speak to her?
    Everyone ALREADY knows you're on Facebook if you're Facebooking! Duh...
    I'm about done now. I'm going to go on Facebook.
    No, wait. I have one more thing to say.
    Don't even get me started on Gaia!