• Ever since I was a little girl I had dreamed of me being royalty. I had often fantasized that I was a princess from some obscure foreign land, switched accidentally at birth and had thus landed in the hands of common-folk. I’ve dreamed of a life in which I was a secret princess or something like that, and I had no idea of the royal blood coursing through my veins. Then one day an ambassador of that land walks up the door, announces my heritage and whisks me off to a magical land of caviar, hot tubs, mansions, parties and diamond-studded diamonds, the land I was unaware of being my own.

    There I have only to say the word and it is done. There people bow and curtsy whenever I walk by, and I am treated with utmost respect by all my subjects. There I am allowed to read whatever I want, and do whatever pleases me (so long, of course, as I do not besmirch the family name.) There I shouldn’t have to put up with all the s**t I go through with my almost-always-annoying commoner family. No one bosses me around like I’m some sort of worthless servant girl. No one dares enter my room without my permission. No one rummages through my stuff, checking my cell phone and reading my messages, reading my diary, that sort of stuff. And when I say I want to be alone I am left alone until I say otherwise. When I speak people listen to what I have to say and take me seriously. Ah, what a life it is!

    And the best part is, there, I will not die nameless. I will achieve immortality, never to be forgotten or erased from the face of history (as I have always feared). The people of the land will remember me, or at least my name, for generations to come. This I have dreamed before, and this I still continue to dream.

    But alas! Ti's but a dream, and I cannot escape my reality. I am a nobody, born of a family of nobodies, and if I don’t play my cards right I will die a nobody, just another number added to the world statistics.

    But I do not intend on that happening, of course! I am determined to make a name for myself, and though I may have no extraordinary capability, though the blood of kings may not run through my veins, I am determined to be renowned the world over, achieving immortality in my own way.

    I am determined to break these chains of normalcy and fear that are so heavily laden upon me, holding me back from the destiny I have set my sights on, keeping me from my deepest desires and greatest aspirations. I am bent on struggling to free myself from my pathetic condition and, ultimately, reaching the elusive star that had been guiding my soul towards its total fulfillment.

    My story is just beginning.