• Amanda poured me some sour lemonade as we talked about how hard 6th grade was going to be after all the 'Halloween spirit' is gone and the 'go to the office' is going to kick in real soon. As I started sipping, I tasted a hint of orange zest.'' Amanda, why is there orange in the lemonade?'''' Oh, that, ya, uh, I had the last orange and I must of squeezed a hint of juice in it.'' sweatdrop '' YOU ATE MY LAST ORANGE!!?? scream We agreed that was MY orange. You already had yours! Why did you do that?!'' ''Hey, OK I'm sorry! I was hungry! I...'' ''You should have had the tiny bit of candy we saved from Halloween last week! ''Look I wasn't thinking-'' ''Ya, apparently! Look, I don't think I want to be friends with you anymore!!'' - Silence filled the yard – ''Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha xd , good one Maria. Oh My god. You should be a comedian. You know like Eddy Izard. You'd be awesome!!! ''Ya you really fell for that one'' ''No I didn't! But you should have seen the seriousness your face expressed'' '' Really , was I that good?! I mean I'm no comic guiness, but... really?'' Oh my god, how rude of me to NOT introduce my self. My name is Maria Gonzales The fourth. When I was born, my mother said that I was 'the portrait of her life.' My dad is a sculptor so when I was a tiny baby, I used to orbit the sculptures my daddy made, just like him! My mommy always said I was just like him. I don't know what she met. My friend's name is Amanda Ferara. Her mother and my mother, when they were kids, were best friends,Amanda and I are starting 6th grade together. Well we already did but Halloween Vacation is over in 2 days. We live in beautiful Tampa,Florida so its ALWAYS warm. Last year we didn't get any snow, but Boston , MA got over 5 feet, schools were closed for over 3 weeks. I NEVER want to move up there. Past this border, I'm a goner! I'll never survive in cold weather. When Amanda and I first met, she told me a super secret secret! I slid forward in my seat. The chair weak with support, I managed to get half of the secret before the chair collapsed! My but was so super sore! It hurt a lot!! The force of the fall made my head spin like a top!! I must of fallen 2 ½ feet . We were at a restaurant in Tallahassee. It was a all-you-can- eat buffet. The manager was very upset that the chair was weak enough to collapse. He gave me the entire buffet free. Any thing I wanted, absolutely free. My mommy was super happy and the manager apologized for the incident. I ordered the fish and a side of fries. Really I ordered the fish and chips but I didn't know what that was. Then after that we went to a race course in Tallahassee. We had to ware these cool awesome suit so our clothes didn't get dirty. I wore a pink suit. I picked it out my self. I was happy. Amanda tried to tell me the secret, I had the suit over my head and I couldn't hear her. She asked if I was ignoring her. I said I wasn't but she got upset. I said '' I'm sorry, whats the secret your trying to tell me?'' '' you and me are related. My mommy said so yesterday.'' '' Your my sister? YAY!!!''
    '' Do you like sports?'' ''Um, ya. A little. I mean soccer is cool.'' '' Me to!!''. And that's the first time I knew she was my sister. Even though she isn't, I still think she is anyway. Have you ever asked yourself why you think your someones long lost sister? Well that's what I asked my mommy and me. Really I was asking myself a rhetorical question but, mommy didn't really care. She said when she asked her self while studying tornadoes why they form, someone did the same thing to her. She said she didn't understand why that girl did that but she was OK with it. I then relised that she wasn't my sister I went right to the source, Amanda's mommy, Julia. She explained that she was just like me and wondered if I was her sister. She thought the only thing to say was yes . So she apologized for the mix up. As me and Amanda walked back to my house, I explained what her mommy said. She was unhappy and stuff but she was happy that she didn't have to share a room. We laughed. Well, that's my story of how we came to be.
    See you soon,
    Maria Gonzales
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