• "The new meerkat group starts"
    Angle,Bud,and Sun were evicted from the starsky group.They came across a roving male,Hank,and Angle goes up to him and starts to groom him,Hank likes the attenchen,and they happy copple go under ground with Sun and Bud already under ground.

    "The first day as one"
    Angle is the first one up,she is happy and content,then one by one Sun,Bud,and the DM Hank makes an apperance,he had spent a cosy night with the new groups DF Angle,once Angle is ready to go everyone else springs into action.Angle has led them to there fav spot,the dry river bed where they come across another meerkat group know as the Wiskers,as they come closer it is apperent that this was just a misstake and the new gang run off.

    "The new litter"
    Months later Angle has given birth to 4 pups 2 boys and 2 girls named Jetta,Nicklet,James,and Edward.Sun has stayed behind to watch out for the new letter,and once Angle is ready to go,Bud and Hank follow,leaving Sun to look after the new litter.While Angle and Hank are foraging,a roving make named Gray Fire comes up,he has spotted Bud and slowly creeps colser to the small gang,Bud has spotted him and gets colser,and the couple go to the nearest bush and have some fun,a few hours later the gang come home and Angle feeds her newborn pups,and they all go under groung,Bud has made a late apperance but she goes underground and huddles up with th rest of the group,little does Angle know that her eldest daughter have fallen pregnet right under her nose.

    "They have grown larger"

    Today everyone gets to forrage,today is the day that Angle's pups go out on there first forraging trip,once Angle is ready they all get a move on,if Bud is walking a bit unusal,its becuase she is about to give birth,its been about 3 months sence her casanova with Gray Fire,some of the pups beg while others try to dig up there one meals and it seems that tactic has payed off for Jetta,sh has dug up a skink,after they are done for the day they all go underground,and Bud gives birth.

    "Bud's new litter"
    Over night Bud gave birth to 3 pups all girls named Lime,Katera,and Alice.
    Angle,Hank and Sun get going,leaving bud to watch out for her newborn litter.
    Today Angle's first litter of the year is going on there second foraging trip,While mostof the group have there heads in the sand,Hank the DM is keeping a look out not only for rivle gangs,but for roving males,this is because Angle is ready to mate again and he must be vigulent or else he may lose his cown the right to breed within the family.Hours later they all come home,they can see the clouds gathering in the distance,as they all huddle underground they are in for a restless night.

    "They all go out"
    Today is the day that Buds new litter get to come on there first foraging trip and Angle's first litter have grown old enough to know how to dig up there own food and now they have to pull there weight.Once Angle starts to run off the reat of the group follow,and is Angle is a bit big its becuase she has mated with Hank again.They all get lots of food and everyone goes home with a full belly and Angle knows they trouble may be brewing when Sun becomes pregnet under Angles roof.

    "Angles new litter"
    Months later Angle has given birth to her second litter of the year 2 pups, a boy and a girl named Jasper and Rose,and Bud is left with babysitting duty,as she watches her family run off she goes underground to check up on Angles pups and to give them a feed,she comes back up to see if any shadoy figures have appered.Luckly no other gangs have come and Buds family return home,and Bud gets to feed her new litter of puos that just went out on there first foraging trip,as everyone goes under ground,Sun des not look herself,it may very be that Sun is going to give birth to her litter tonight.

    "Suns pup"
    Over night Sun have given birth to 1 pup a girl named Rain,and as soon as they are sun sunning themselfs they get down to the bissness of feeding the pups and them selfs.Leaving one of Angles year old daughters Jetta and Edward to watch over Jasper,Rose,and Rain.Once they are done foraging,Angle watches her extened family,over this first year 10 pups have been born into the family,and what started as 4 adults has grown into a group of 14 in one year.

    In the winter Angel has given birth to 2 litters of pups with 4 in each one now they are going on the foraging trip the 8 pups 5 girls and 3 boys were named: (boys) Mitch,Bubble,and Yang and the girls were named: (girls)Tofe,Sparkle,Peral,Wanda,and Diane.And in the winter Angel evicted Sun and Bud but were let in a month later in th 2nd month of winter,and now they know,that they are not alowed to have pups.As they group of 22 start off,Angel and Bud do look big,its becuase when Bud was evicted she came across a roving male,named Deer,and he has mated with Bud,and Angel had mated with the DM Hank again for the 5th time,and the 2 girls are going to give birth tonight.As they come home Bud and Angel go underground and give birth to there pups.

    "5 new pups"
    Over night Bud gave birth to 2 pups both girls named Rin and Cha,and Angel has given birth to 3 pups 2 boys 1 girl named Aang,Sokka,and Coco.And this time Lime and Alice are staying behind to watch the new pups.As the rest of the group lheads off,alice goes underground to check up on the pups and to give them a feed,while Lime keeps a colse eye on the horizon.Bsck with the whole group today centries are Mitch,Hank,and Jasper,they are watching out for other rivle gangs and to chase of roving males,Suddenly Mitch sees a Eagle Owl and sounds the alarm and the family dart for the nearest bolt hole.Once the danger has passed the adults and pups head for home.Once home Lime and Alice hand the pups over to the moms and head underground to go to sleep,and Bud and Angel give there pups a feed and then go underground,and everyone else slowly makes there way to the sleeping chamber for a cosy night.With 27 in the group th eldest daughters:Sun and Bud better stop breeding or they could face eviction for who knows how long.

    "Everyone is going out"
    Today the the newest pups are going out on there first foraging trip.This group of 27 finally have a name The Starliners.Some feet away there rivles The Wiskers can not beleve there eyes,some of Flowers daughters have banded together to form a family that is almost as large as there and that ant gonna fly,FGlower and some of the other females go for Angel,Bud and Sun,while Lime Alice and Katara lead the terrafied pups into the safty of the bush.The battle finally ends when the Wiskers flee for there lives with the tails between there legs.This is a victory for Angel she now shows that she can win battles and keep the family growing.Some of the group go into the bush to gather the scared pups and there babysitters,now that the family is a full stranth,Angel starts to sent mark the family and there new territory,and Angel has goten them a new burrow,with the house work done everyone goes into the new burrow and they get a good nights rest.

    "New love"
    Last night Angel has mated with her DM Hank,and Sun is showing signs of being preget herself.But as soon as Angel is ready to go everyone else is ready to go,but Sun does not wanna go,but that is a problem for another time,as the Starliners head out Sun can only watch as her family dissaperes,for some reason she does not wanna go.As the starliners forage they find a cape cobra,and with one this colse to there burrow they try to chase off this snake by mobbing it with there spit and growl calls and bobbing there heads to try to confuse the snake.As soon as the danger has passed the family return home with Sun sitting and waiting for them and as soon as they come home she goes underground,everyone else goes under ground also.

    "Rule #1 Broken(again)"
    Last night Sun gave birth to 3 healthy boys named Reno,Rambo,and Bryce.As everyone gets going its Lime and Katara who get laneded with babysitting duty.As soon as the family leave,Lime goes underground to check up on Suns newborn pups and to give them a quick feed,while her sister Katara keeps an eye on the horizon,some shadowy figures apper in the distance,she sounds the alarm to let her sister know that there is trouble,Lime the fastest runs off to get the family and Katara gets underground to hush up the pups and if they can stay quite maybe the unknown gang will just pass them by,a few minutes later they start to storm the burrow,but just at that begins the rightful owners come and fight the other family away and Katara comes out unwonded and the pups follow but just as they are settling Angel attacks Sun and evicts her for having pups so Bud just gets underground to try to stay away from the angry boss.

    "30 is to high"
    Sun was evicted yesterday by Angel,and now Bud is next,Bud get a brudal eviction and now they may not be alowed back into there family.As the Starliners get on with the days foraging the 2 sisters have to stick together if they are going to survive without a family,but all they would need to do to have a family is to find a roving male and Bud has spotted who she was looking for,its Grey Fire,the roving male that mated with Bud last year.Bud and Sun go up to him,but Sun just goes back into there burrow while Bud trys her romantic skills on Grey Fire.Back at the Starliners burrow its Rose and Jasper who have to babysit Sun's 2 week old pups.A few hours later the starliners come home and they hend the pups over to the others and they get undergrould to go to sleep,the pups are feed then they go to sleep as well as everyonelse in the group.But DF Angel does not look heself and it may be that she will have her pups on this stormy night.

    "Things have changed"
    Now there is another meerkat gang Bud and Sun have jossled for who gets to be the DF and it finally lands to Bud,While her sister Sun is still just a subordante.And now they have a new name the Gaticas,Now the Kalahari have a new gang with new DF and DM.Back at the Starliners burrow Angel has had a litter of 4 pups 2 girls and 2 boys named Tippy,Lucy,Len,and Collen.Now with 29 in the group the whole family is really going to have to pull there weight.And at the Gaticas burrow Bud is pregent for the 4th time everand is in no mood to be messed with,When the starlinners DF Angel is ready to go everyone else springs into action,leaving babysitting duty to Jetta and Nickelet from Angels first ever litter.Back at the Gaticas foraging party they are coming home and its been a few months sence Bud became pregnet and as she makes her way underground it looks like her pups are on the way.

    "New Gangs are forming"
    At the Gaticas burrow Bud has had her pups 2 of them both girls named Donna and Motzart,as Bud and Grey Fire head off,Sun has stayed behind to watch the pups.Back at the Starliners burrow the gang is heading off leaving Mitch to watch over the newborn pups,as he watches his family dissapere in the distance,he goes underground to check up on the pups then he comes back up only to see another meerkat group sizing up in the distance,its the Commandos they are a fisty buntch and will stop at nothing to get what they want,mitch quickly goes to the pups and leads them deeper into the burrow complex,after about 30 minutes the starliners come back and are completly shocked that there rivles are storming there burrow,they wast no time in charging a full scale attack, the Commandos see the owners and qickly run off.Angel goes under ground to check the damage,then Mitch and the pups emerge,luckly the pups have nut been harmed,but Mitch does have a minor bite wond but it will heal,then the whole family go underground for a cozy night.Back at the Gaticas burrow Bud and Grey Fire have comes home,mom give her pups a quick feed then everyone goes underground to end the day in peace.

    "2 Pregent DF"
    At the Starliners Angel is peregnet again and is on the war path,as they set off foraging Lime gets landed with babysitting duty, Angel is so hungry that insted of digging up her own food,she steels from her daughters Katara,and Coco,but Coco fight for her food but of corse mom wins and she and her sister go hungry.At the Gaticas foraging party hungry mom Bud is stelling from her sealing from her sister Sun as today Buds pups are out on there first foraging trip as well as Angels recent litter of pups.Back at the Starliners burrow the pups are tired and the group is tired,and they make there way into there burrow,as well as the Gaticas.

    "The war + 6 pups"
    At the Starliners burrow DF Angel has given birth to 2 pups boys named Danall and Mathew,as the Starliners head out to forage Katara has to watch the newborn pups,back at the Gaticas burrow Sun has to watch Buds newborn pups 4 of them all girls named Fefe Mimi Phebe and Arial,has they are foraging both Katara at the Starliners burrow and Sun at the Gaticas burrow,they both see shadowy figures lining up in the distance,its the Lasuli,they spit up and attack the Gaticas burrow and the Starliners burrow,Sun and Katara are in for a fight for there lives.After hours of fighting the Gatica come and get there pups and Sun and run off, at the Starliners burrow they fight off the slit up part of the Lasuli and comes back to see the damage luckly Katara and the pups have not been harmed but they need some serious attachen from the adults and the other litter of young pups.In the end everyone has lived and the Gaticas gang are running to find another burrow because there other one was over run by the Lasuli,finally they find one just before it got dark and all of the meerkat groups are heading underground.

    "2nd Spring"
    Over the winter at the Starliners group DF Angel gave birth to 6 pups 3 girls and 3 boys named Carlos,Aaron,Tony,Mikinzy,Lemon,and Len.And Jasper has went off on a roving mission,and the pups have already went on there first foraging trip and they are old enough to get there own food and they are expeded to pull there weight,and Angel is pergetnet again and is so hungry and she is stealing from all of her pups and for Angel its an easy steal.Back at the Gaticas forgaing group Bud has has 4 pups over the winter 3 girls and 1 boy named Yuah,Kesha,Moku and Sun has to babysit them until they can go out on there first foraging thip and even then Bud would have had another litter of pups like Angel.After hours of waiting the babysitters can finally relax and go to sleep.

    "The End"
    Over these three years the sisters have spit up,Bud has started her own group as well as her sister Angel,over these years 46 pups were born altogether in both groups and they have ancountered other rival gangs and everyone has lived and some have won while some has fleed and the others won from those who fleed without fighting,in the next season we see how the girls have come.