• Whats the point

    if you don't have hope

    you are weak, you think of luck

    your confused

    your mind


    if you don't have hope

    go act crazy, ya believe what they tell you to

    you are soo gulable

    i bet you think chrismas is good

    i bet you think obama is actualy making a change!!

    so let me just tell you something when the time comes

    will you....be ready

    to fight???

    blood drops will fall from the sky i bet

    those same blood drops were their sacrifice

    i had a dream that told me that the new world order started now

    now i know what it meant

    ignorance is key

    hatred is another

    no way to escape ??

    hey you probarly had buzzbunny teach you

    if you cant beat them well join them-- if you think like that

    your a fool a clown

    sooo, like i said are you strong enough to fight them or are you going to stay there weeping there like a fool.......