• The wind is whispering
    As the trees sing along
    It puts a spell on my heart
    The night air lifts as the stars are sparkling above
    When I close my eyes
    I'm dancing into the flames of the night sky

    I won't spend my days deciding
    stuck here in the same old bind
    Waiting for the day to become night
    I sit here, thinking
    Just waiting for nothing to come
    When night does come
    What will I do?
    I keep thinking until I can think nomore
    I'm still stuck in this old bind
    How can I get out?
    Will the night be over then and become day?
    I ask myself these questions hoping to get an answer
    But nothing comes to me
    No one is saying anything...
    I wait for someone...anyone to come..
    But they never do...
    So until then I'm still waiting for the night to fall
    when I can get out of the bind i'm in
    And be once again myself