• I stumbled down the stairs, running towards the front door.

    I swung it open and saw a man holding a bloody butcher knife in his hands. He was wearing all black and was maybe around 25 years old.

    I screamed.


    I was backing towards the door, and ended up tripping on the lip of the doorway, falling backwards onto my butt.

    “Oh god.” I whimpered scooting backwards through the doorway.

    I slammed the door shut with a loud crash of glass falling from the vibrations.

    Suddenly the knife came through the sliding glass window straight at me with a loud shatter of crystal falling to the floor.

    My scream came echoing through the house the house loud and shrill.

    The knife landed with a crack as it went through the wood of the door- cutting my shoulder in its path about ½ a centimeter deep.

    I gasped and pulled the knife out of the door as I cut deeper into the wound already made, causing me to shriek.

    “Iz! Are you all right? Let me in Iz!” Alex’s frantic voice yelled from behind the door. “I heard my name and came as fast as I could Iz! Please let me in!”

    “Come in through the back.” I sobbed holding my shoulder and pulling my knees back against my chest.

    “I’ll get you one day Isabella. Just beware of that.” The man said before running off and vanishing from my view.

    Not that much later Alex was running through the kitchen towards my sobbing, and broken bodying leaning against the door.

    “I my god! Izzy!” Alex yelled hugging me tightly to his chest. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying and why the hell is your shoulder being held in a vice-grip?” He asked trying to pry my hand off-, which he succeeded to do easily.

    “No… I’m fine! Renee, Carlos, upstairs, bathroom, stairs, door, guy with a bloody butcher knife…” I rambled for a few minutes before grabbing Alex’s hand.
    yanked him up to his feet and up the stair with me towards my bathroom- tears pooling in my eyes.

    By the time we were at the door to my bathroom, I was already sobbing in hysterics.
    Alex sucked in a gasp as he let go of my hand at the sight of Renee and Carlos on the floor.

    He walked over to them and placed two fingers on each of their necks, “They have a pulse, very weak but still there.”

    At that moment I didn’t care.

    I collapsed onto the floor of the bathroom- my hitting the corner of the sink.

    “Izzy!” Alex cried as I landed on the floor, my world going black.