• Tons of people have lost some important to the.
    I did, i lost me best friend, brother and mom.
    Thing was, i killed all of them in a car accident.
    We were talking and the music was blaring.
    We came to a four way stop, but i didn't see the red light.
    In the next second we were rolling.
    5 minutes later an ambulance arrived.
    First thing i saw was blood and 3 dead people.
    People say it was the semis fault.
    But, no it was mine.
    I still regret it, and i never thought for a second it wasn't my fault.
    I've lived my life a messed up teen from then.
    People called me names, said i was a murderer.
    I didn't say anything to them.
    So there you have it, i've killed 3 people I loved.

    R.I.P. James,Mom, and Austin
    I miss you all. crying