Name: Danielle Alexis Burton

    Age: 29

    Looks: Long Brown Hair, bright blue eyes, slim frame not too skinny but just right has all the right curves in the right places.

    Piercings: twice in each ear, belly button and nose.

    Tattoos: DB behind her right ear, skull and crossbones on left ankle and a tiger climbing up her right side and ribs.

    Marital status: Single

    Job: Makeup artist for her big brother.

    More Info: Her older brother is Tim Burton, very successful in making movies, books poems drawings and such and very popular with being the best of friends with Johnny Depp. She has a 3 year old little girl named Carly Annabelle Burton. Her best friend since kindergarten is called Lilly they hand out all the time. She has met Johnny several times, very close friends and has done his makeup more than once in her brothers movies.

    Name: Lilly

    Age: 28

    Looks: Brown hair, Brown eyes slim frame has all the right curves in right places.

    Piercings: Belly button

    Tattoo’s: the name ‘Mia’ on her left wrist.

    Marital Status: Single

    Job: Movie Producer

    More Info: Been best friends with Danielle since kindergarten, has recently give birth to her beautiful 2 month old baby girl Mia. Tim Burton and Danielle are like family to her, and can trust them with everything. Lilly has helped produce some of Tim Burton’s movies.

    START: ------

    Danielle picked up her dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket as her daughter Carly came into the room with a worn out teddy bear with a missing eye. Danielle stood up and looked down at her daughter smiling.

    “Carly darling, you gunna pick out an outfit so we can go see Uncle Tim?” Danielle asked her and she nodded and walked off back into her room, she smiled and continued putting laundry in the basket. Once finishing that she took it downstairs and popped it into the washing machine. Danielle then headed up to her bedroom getting changed into a pair of dark wash jeans and a tank top, straightening her hair and putting on some eyeliner and dark eye shadow bringing out her eyes. She looked into the mirror and smiled at her reflection, then heading out to her daughters room and smiling at the outfit she had picked out, a pale pink t-shirt with ‘Little Angel’ on the front and a pair of dark jeans and her pink converse. Danielle smiled and helped Carly get ready both getting downstairs Carly not letting go of her teddy she sat on the sofa waiting to go see her uncle. Danielle smiled at her daughter and packed a bag with some snacks and drinks in, then getting out the push chair for Carly. She placed Carly inside and grabbed her purse cell phone and keys locking the door she started pushing Carly down the street getting out her cell phone and phoning her best friend Lilly.


    “Hey Lills, You coming to the set?” Danielle asked as we came to a stop at the road pressing the button so we could cross safely.

    Yeah I’ll be there in a few, im just getting little Mia ready

    “Okay, well I’ll see you there girl” she told her and she told me bye as we hung up. Danielle pushed the buggy across the road as the little green man came one. She giggled lightly as Carly pointed to the pidgins eating off the ground.

    “They are horrible mommy, look they eat off the floor!” She exclaimed and she giggled again.

    “Yeah baby, they are meant to” Danielle told her and she nodded with a little ‘Oh’ coming from her small mouth.

    About ten minutes later they arrived at the set, Danielle got Carly out of her buggy and put it to the side walking with her hand in Danielle’s, she smiled as the set came into view, Tim turning around as Carly called his name.

    “Carly!” He called out coming over and scooping her up in his arms, Danielle giggled and walked over giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek, She looked at her big brother and put Carly on the floor both of them watching as she ran up to Tim’s wife Helena.

    “Hows life?” She asked and he laughed nodding his head.

    “It’s good little sis, i see little Carly is growing like a mad woman ey?”” He asked and Danielle agreed with him.

    “Yeah, she is, last night you should have seen her, she was drawing and she drew, me you, herself, Helena, Johnny, jack, lily-rose, Vanessa, Lilly and Mia... It’s pretty good for a three year old little girl, it’s up on my fridge” She told him and he laughed nodding. Then Danielle’s best friend came in with Mia in her travel seat.

    “Hey sis” Tim smiled giving her a side hug before going off to help set up some more stuff for the shooting of today. Danielle looked at Carly still sitting with Helena; she smiled and turned to her best friend.

    “Hey, how are you today?” Danielle asked looking at baby Mia sleeping, she looked so cute. She looked at her friend as they walked more in towards the set sitting next to Helena.

    “Im good thanks, this little one kept me up most of the night though” She replied to Danielle making her chuckle nodding Carly came running to her as Tim chased her, She ran straight into her mother’s arms.

    “Mommy! Uncle Tim said he’ll eat me!” She exclaimed making Danielle, Lilly and Helena laugh. “It not funny!” he said he would” She exclaimed huddling into her as Tim come closer making monster noises making everyone laugh. She stayed in her mother’s arms and Tim laughed sitting down next to us, Mia started to cry so Lilly got her out and started feeding her.

    “I tell you, this kid could eat for the world!” She exclaimed and everyone laughed.

    “Good morning everyone” Danielle heard a familiar voice call out and she turned my head seeing Johnny there she smiled widely as everyone greeted him. He smiled as he looked back and his two children Lily-Rose and Jack came holding his hands, they all came and , Johnny sitting next to Danielle. The two kids trying to get Carly to play with them.

    “Danielle... Why won’t Carly come play?” Lily-rose asked and she giggled

    “Because Uncle Tim was saying he was gunna eat her” She replied to the small child making her laugh Johnny smiled and looked at Carly sticking his arms out and she climbed out of Danielle’s lap and into Johnny’s.

    “Uncle Tim won’t eat you Carly, come play” Lily-Rose smiled and the young girl decided to go against Tim and go play, she kissed Johnnys cheek sloppily and ran off with Lily-Rose and Jack.

    “Ha! You should have heard little Jackie today, he was singing poker face” Johnny told them and they started laughing Danielle smiling and not taking her eyes off the three kids playing with Tim’s props.

    “Johnny, Dani and Lilly, you guys aren’t needed today so it’s your day off!” Tim told them as he got up and started helping people on the set as the actors came out.

    “Think we should take the kids to the park today? It’s pretty nice out” Johnny suggested and the two grown women nodded in agreement, the three kids come running over Danielle picking up Carly and they all walked towards the entrance, Danielle putting Carly back in her buggy, Johnny smiled and watched, Lilly putting the car seat in the big baby pram she had got of her mother for little Mia. They got everything sorted and headed towards the park, all three adults pushing prams as little Lily-Rose walked alongside her father holding onto the side of Jack’s pram. They got to the park and found it to be empty, to their relief they sat at a picnic table and watched the three older kids play around and mess with each other, Carly got on so well with Lily-Rose and Jack, it was as if they were a family. Little Mia was just there sleeping, sooner or later, she will be playing with them in the park.

    “So, what are you guys doing for Christmas?” Johnny asked the two girls and they both shrugged.

    “It’s my turn to do Christmas dinner this year, Tim and Helena are coming to my place, you guys can come too if you like, I’ll be getting presents for you all too” Danielle told them and Johnny smiled as did Lilly.

    “Yeah i think I’ll come along, it’s only me and Mia this year” Lilly spoke and Danielle smiled nodding. Johnny looked at her and then the kids.

    “Yeah, i think I’ll have a talk with Vanessa we’ll end up coming over somehow” Johnny spoke making Danielle giggle lightly. After a little more small talk about what they were getting the kids for Christmas, they decided to go and have lunch at Danielle’s house as it was sure big enough to handle three hyper kids.


    They got to Danielle’s and she unlocked the door and they got inside, it was starting to snow outside now, the first time this year, Its December right now. They took off their jackets and their shoes before Danielle started towards the kitchen, Johnny and Lilly following, leaving the kids to watch some afternoon cartoons on the TV, Mia was sleeping in her travel cot.

    “So what we fixing for dinner?” Johnny asked and Danielle smiled looking inside of the freezer.

    “Hmm... Hows chicken with mash, sweet corn, and ice cream for dessert?” Danielle asked getting stuff out the cupboards and freezer.

    “Sounds De-lish” Johnny smirked Danielle laughed and shook her head at him sticking the boneless chicken bits into the oven and starting to peel the potatoes. After everything was cooked, she put it all out onto plates for the kids and for the adults. She put gravy on each plate and smiled putting them in front of each child at the table, then placing Johnny’s in front of him and then Lilly’s. She sat herself down next to Johnny and Carly starting to eat herself.

    The three kids finished their dinner, and headed for the TV again, Mia started crying just as Lilly had finished her food, She quickly got up to tend to her daughter.

    “That was amazing Dani, you’re a good cook”” He told her and she smiled.

    “Thanks Johnny” She replied and he watched as she picked up everyone’s plates and put them in the sink, Johnny getting up and standing behind her moving her out of the way. “What you doing?” She asked as Johnny turned his head to look at her smirking he started to wash the dishes.

    “You made an amazing dinner, so im washing up for you” He smiled making her smile she gently rubbed his back as a thank you and headed into the living room sitting on the sofa. Carly came and sat on her lap, as Jack and Lily-Rose and snuggled into her sides, Johnny came in and smiled at his two kids cuddling into Danielle. Lilly was sitting on one of the chairs watching the cartons while feeding her daughter, Johnny picked up Jack and sat down beside Danielle placing jack on his lap. Danielle smiled and sneaked a glance at Johnny before his phone started ringing. Jack ran off Johnny’s lap and sat on the floor in front of the TV as Johnny answered his phone.

    “Hello?” He asked and it was clear as day it was his long time girlfriend Vanessa.

    Johnny, when are you coming home?

    “Uhhh, not until about 7 tonight, why?” Johnny asked looking at his kids.

    Just wondering, ill see you later bye love you!

    Johnny looked at his phone, before he could even reply she hung up he shook his head and looked at Lily-Rose.

    “Daddy?” She asked and Johnny looked at her again, “Can i sleep at Dani’s tonight? I promise ill be good!” She asked and Danielle smiled

    “It’s up to Danielle” Johnny informed smiling at her; she giggled and nodded her head.

    “Of Corse you can darling, i could never say no to you kids” She replied and Lily-Rose jumped up from her seat and danced around making everyone laugh.

    “Can we go get my stuff?” She asked Johnny and he looked at her smiling, he then looked at Danielle and nodded his head.

    “Yeah, come on girl, you want to come along??” Johnny asked looking at Danielle and she shrugged her shoulders.

    “Sure why not, won’t help to come and get the kids night clothes ey” She giggled and looked at Lilly sitting feeding Mia still.

    “Lilly, you mind watching the house until i get back?” Danielle asked and she shook her head

    “No no, just be back soon, I’ve got to get home and feed the fish” She told them and Danielle looked at her weirdly.

    “Since when have you had fish?” Danielle asked making Johnny laugh

    “Since like, yesterday” She replied laughing Danielle laughed shook her head and put on her shoes, and then put on Carlys coat, hat and shoes since it was snowing, she put her coat on and they got to her car, It normally had two car seats because of little Jack, she tied the two youngsters in and Lily-Rose sat in-between them tying herself in, i started the car and Johnny got in, we set off for his house.