• As I was walking towards my house after collecting candies from every house as it was halloween . It was dark , the wind was blowing at me and it feels like as if it was pushing me away from the path .While I was walking I saw a trail of blood .. And I was in shock that was beyond me ..The blood had almost flooded the entire path that I was walking on .. The blood was coming out from every house door ..

    Soon a soft spoken voice was heard .. And the words fall upon me ''hehee .. can you escape me ? '' . I was terrified .. Soon the path of blood became more .. there was blood every where .. it felt like the blood was pulling me down .. I hastily ran towards my home .. running through the blood .. splashing all over my costume .. and my legs .. were dripping down the blood .. I opened the door , my eyes wide open , I saw my parents hanged .. their eyes wide open .. filled with blood dripping down .. their necks , all had a huge cut .. their body were so bloody ... soon a giggle was heard from the room upstairs . I ran up towards the room .. at the same time the stairs suddenly turned into a path full with blood bones . And there were hands pulling me down .. into the darkness so dark .. nothing could be seen . I kicked my way out .. and ran as fast as I could , slamed the door open .. And all I saw was a doll .. filled with blood . Soon the eyes were wide open .. and .. darkness falls upon the entire room . All I could see was the doll . Suddenly .. what's this ?.. A burning place inside my heart .. I looked down feeling all weak .. And soon , Hands grabbed my legs and pulled me down .. I couldn't scream , I was too weak .. As soon as I falled into the darkness the last I heard was '' Welcome .. to my living hell ... '' .