• So it would seem into every life a little rain must fall...

    It's a line often heard but sometimes that rain is much needed. Without rain, things wouldn't grow, develop, change. Oh! I said that awful nasty word.

    In all seriousness, is it just me or do more and more people seem to have a growing resentment toward change? As soon as someone comes up with an idea to make life better, the moment it means a sacrifice on their part, they're all up in arms. Though it's funny because their "arms" seem to consist of bumper stickers and petitions that go as far as local council; and rants to the local paper because no one else will listen.

    If enough of these sticklers get together in a group, you might as well try and move a mountain with your nose. They destroy what chance these other hopefuls have for something a mite better.

    At one point, change was embraced, it was something encouraged. Our children were urged to make something of themselves; to change the world and reach for the stars. Since the attitude of "near-enough-is-good-enough" has been adopted, we've seen the birth of a lazy generation. A generation set in their ways, not willing to try something new if it means too much work. Instead, they sit at home while good people are taxed to pay for their lack of care to get off their lazy behinds and work for their own.

    Sorry, did I say work? I didn't mean to. So we all complain about being stuck in the rat-race and spend each day going through the motions. We want change - so why won't we do something about it? First, let's start with ourselves. We need to change us, we need to change the way we see: the things around us, the people, the days, the activities we participate in...ourselves. We need to see ourselves differently.

    Let's really give them something to murmur about while they're at their pubs, drowning their sorrows and destroying their bodies from the inside out on a nightly basis. No, these people are too addicted to their ways, to their medicines and cures that are only temporary ways to ignore the things they'll have to face again the next day.

    Instead of verbally attacking change, let's embrace it. As soon as you change the way you see, you'll change everything around you. And who knows, others may find their courage from seeing what good it's done you; how would you feel if you were an example - an initiator of a better life. People could look at you and be inspired to make something of themselves.

    If you could encourage on person, of the thousands you will come across in your life, to stand up and be counted, wouldn't you say that was a worthwhile gift?

    Make the change.