• knowing how it feels
    there's a girl watching the world in her sorrow
    she has brunette hair
    green eyes, and she knows how to pronounce hard words

    she's sitting there on the streets,watching beautiful maria's with they're
    tip toe heels and they're blood red dresses
    and she doesn't forget the well suited Anthony's dashing toward the subways.

    they look at her like dirt, when they're not suppose to.
    without a sound she waits and feels so ashamed.
    Knowing that she'd never ever fit in with any of them,
    she's helpless and she has no home.

    all she has is little pieces she finds on the ground to write her poems
    for the very few friends she's made.
    She protects the young from the scary jimmy's from
    scaring these girls for life

    she watches, she waits, she protects.
    she's a fine peace to this world
    and no one is able to stop her

    I know, one day happiness will find her.