• Today i watched G.I Joe. And i must say they really could of done a better job with COBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He looked to limy, you cant even call him COBRA!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont ask me why i watched. This leads me todays topic "Villians".Threw countless century's there have been villians. From the Matrix to Land Before Time. But then there are some Villians that sucked so bad you cant even call them Villians! So Today I Give You.

    7 Villians That Sucked At There Job

    7.Lord Voldomort-Harry Potter
    If you've watched the most recent Harry Potter movie im assure you know who this guy is. His mission was to take over every realm in existanse and the only person stopping him was a whinny gay emo who wore glasses and waved a stick. Im not saying he was a bad Villian im saying he sucked at his job. The entire series of Harry Potter was just live action Tom & Jerry. But if you've ever wounderd how to kill A wizard just get a house to land on one, moving on.

    6.Adam-Heroes Season 2
    Heroes season 2 was a let down. Come on only 10 episodes! The first season had 23! And your expecting me not to notice. It was like missing an episode of lost. Fitting name for that series i "Lost" interest! Back to Heroes, Adam had the Ability to be invencible. He was also from London which drops dwon the scary meter. It also gives him the award of worlds worst revenge schemes. Apperntly he get a hissy fit from a skronny japanese guy stealling his skronny Japanese girl who happens to be hot. He then betrays the skronny Japanese guy and then does a bunch of other stuff that invlovs beat skronny Japanese men. The revenge scheme ended in failure.

    What was his job you ask? His mission was to gather up some stones that happen to drop on people, he also felt like ruling the world for some reason. He died in the Beging of the inuyasha movie so that showed he was'nt strong enough to beat a monk with a black hole in his hand, A high school gorl with some arrows,A dog human, a gril with a boomarang, and fox boy. And he was a jiant scorpian thing that killed many things. It's like watching the empire loose to the Ewoks. It could of been worse though for him. Eventually he does gather all the stones but then it get snatched by the protaganist. The Daioluge to that should of been like this.
    Naraku:Finally! All the stones are mine!
    Naraku:.......s**t......I should of seen that coming.

    4.Ganondorf-Legend Of Zelda Series
    His job was to cast Hyrule to eternal darkness by using some his dark powers to do that. And the only thing that could defeat him was some sort of traingle you can draw in one strock on you D.S. In every game he failed and in every future game he is bown to fail. So i wounder how Zelda and Ganon would interact when they meet on the tower or whatever.
    Ganondorf:Ahahahaah! I have cast Hyrule into eternal darkness!
    Ganadorf:God Damnit!I should of hid those better.

    3.Peasus-Yu Gi Oh season 1
    His Job you say? Stealling an object from a small boy. I wont say much because if you were as old as me when theat show came out you wanted to watch it. That was the time before you knew 4Kids was the devil....Leo Burnnet too(the guy that made Tony The Tiger).

    2.General Grievous!-Starwars Episode three,Clone Wars, And animated series
    My favirot villian! But this is'nt a best or worst list. it's a job list, this good for Suchong,Very good for Suchong. Anyways the only time General Grievous ever succeded in his various assignment was during the animated sereis in which he murdered a bunch of jedi's and clones. In general he kicked a** in the animated series. But later he became more of a Mojojojo and failed at everything he was assigned to do. But he became a lovable and unforgattable member of the starwars franchise so thats good.

    1.Anubis-Yu Gi Oh Movie
    If you have ever watched Little Kuribod's work you should know why this Villian sucked so bad~! His goal, to destroy the world. Why? We have no idea, literally no idea nobody tell's us anything! He just wants to destroy the world. He then gets defeated by a childrens trading card just like Jesus did when he fought Satan in Peru. So in general-he sucks nothing more nothing less.

    Alright i gotta catch my cruise see all of you in a week or so. Keep sending your Pm's on what you want to know and i'll get down to it when i get back home.

    Good Bye For Now