• Hello my name is Ezzy.I'm just a boy that always lonely every time.Don't care
    if it was day or night. But everything change when i met this girl.
    As i was walking at the beach..I hit a girl unaccidently.
    "Ah sorry miss.i don't see you." i said ."it's okay.no problem" she say to me.
    The girl is so preetty.Additional she is wearing a swimsuit.Huh so sexy.
    "Errr sorry miss for disturbing.can i know your name?"ask me.And she
    answered"Mysty"."Ooh.your name is preetty like the name owner" i trying
    to tackle her."
    "thank you.how about you?"she asked."ME?my name is Ezzy.Nice to meet
    you"."Oh sorry.i got to go now.bye"But without my guess,she kiss me.
    Is this a reality or dream?i feel like i'm in heaven right now.But who is she?
    why that she want to go home so fast?It's not sunset yet?Ermmm.
    The next day i meet her again.And now she is at my favourite cafe.
    "Hey Mysty,nice to meet you again!" I greet her."Hi dear."I'm weird why
    she act like that.I'm never seen her before."Mysty,why you kiss me yesterday?"
    "Did you mean like this?Muahhh"she kiss me again."you want to know why?
    because i know that you always lonely right?so i'll acommpany you with my
    kisses muahhh"."Is this a dream?" ask me."No dear.can you follow me?"
    she asked."sure".I'm not understand why i at the church.additional there's
    many people here.like that we will get married."wait here dear i want to go to
    ladies"she say."ok".then when she came back,i see her with a gown."why you wear
    the gown?"i ask."i want you to marry me to break my curse."she say."curse?
    what curse?"i ask"i have mysterious curse.did you remember when we first meet?
    i go home before sunset right.so the curse is i can go out when sunset is
    coming and to break my curse i have to marry with the first man i kiss."she explain to
    me."ooh..now i understand.ok i will marry you."i answered."thank you!!"
    And after 2 years i got married with Mysty we got a twins!!i was so happy.
    the baby boy we call 'Andrew' and the girl we call 'MYSTERY' heart