• A small boy in a cage. He wonders around mindlessly waiting to be free. The boy screams "LET ME OUT" amd his voice breaks as he continues " I DONT DERVE THIS PUNISHMENT". But little that he knows is that he does deserve this, his sins and painful memories of tortureing innocent souls got him into this cage. Yet he still has hope that he will be free from his bounds, and live once more. But how can you live... when theres nothing to live for? His voice breaks in terror as a dark face tells him "you will never leave this hell that god has put you in".
    He stares at my eyes in terror of his on body, the ration of bread and water no longer satisfys his young teenage stomach. Hes no longer hopeful, hes no longer able to stand. His body is meak, his skin is dangleing like hes already an old man. He says o himslelf mindlessly everyday reapeatedly "why am I here? I need to die! My sould has left this world". But the dark face appears again and wraps his hands around the iron bars and says "as long as i walk this earth, you will never die, i am you", the boy tries to get up off the cold hard ground were he sleeps and extends his arms towards the face's neck. But hes meak, he breaks. As he falls back down to the floor he thinks "this world is hell"
    The dark face walks away with blood dripping from his arm. he whispers in the air "i just wish this was over, becuase you are in my mind". the caged man lays there broken hearing his words, knowing that he isn real. His pruned and unnurished body vanishes at his whisper in a cold breeze.