• Though we capturd the airfield the enemy still had hould of the rest of the island.A maze of trenches and artillery positions run throgh this whole godforsaken rock.The enemy's dug in deep, and we have to get our hands dirty....Flamethroghers...well burn'em out.

    White beach/Peleliu
    "Our tankes are being blasted to bits by motter fire so we have to clear thous motter holes so our tanks can get by,Miller get that flamethrogher ready now and lets go"they foght there way to the first motter pitsoon they took it out and cleard the trenches so they can't use the motter any more now they rush to the second motter pit shoting any jap inhere way as they try to make shure Millers flamethrogher dosen't get shoot if it does they can kiss there butts good bye.As they fight to secure the motter pit enemy snipers are start to rain fire on them from tree top positions soon during the fight Miller shoots down one of the 12 snipers and runs to get his gun he picks up the thing and snipes them one by one soon the fie stop compliatly now they have to clearone more motter pit before the tanks can pursed further now its fight for the last motter pit the chance they have is to get Miller into a safe spote wher they can't fire at him but he can burn them from there soon the motter pit is secured and the tanks move forwerd this has beenone hell of a day hasn it men.