• One time I went to the movie theatre,and this girl came up to me when I was ready to order.

    "Why hello,what would you like to order"
    "tomaetoe soup like always. 4laugh !"
    "We dont have it." stare
    "Have what?" question
    "Tomatoe soup.Obviously" mad
    "Well there goes your tip sassy." evil
    "Fine now what do you want"
    "God just make it soup."

    And the lady gave me pea soup.

    "I dont want no pee in me soup!"I screamed.

    I left the table with out paying or anything.

    Then I fled down the street towards the hotel.

    And in me room waz no sheet on the bed.

    So I called the front desk and dey didnt pick up.

    So I s**t on the bed myself.