• we started of as an inocent flirt, wink
    i would have never thought we would be come more,
    but as the time past by and i would see that you,
    would message me and i couldnt help but smile, biggrin
    and every time i would see your picture on my computer,
    i felt something but untill now i didnt know what it was,
    i hardlly know you, but i feel like if ive known you for ever,
    i smile when i see your name on my computer and
    when i read those letters that spell out i love you.. heart
    i cant help but feel that same feeling i felt when i first
    noticed i loved you.... but i have one thing to ask you,
    is this real?
    is our cyber love real, or are you just playing me.
    cause im putting my all into us being happy. smile
    even if that means sending you kisses with a smiley
    and swaring to you that i love you more than yesterday. heart

    you say you love me, and i believe you. you say you care,
    and i believe you, you spell out i love you and send me little
    hearts. heart and thats when i get scared, eek

    im afraid of losing what little of myself that i still have left,
    to a guy that might not even exsist. to a guy that makes my
    head spin rofl of happyness, just by saying the things he says.
    im afraid of loving you to much, and you not loving me enough.
    im afraid of not being able to keep up with the girls that get to
    see you everyday. when i only get to see you once in a millon years.
    im afraid or getting hurt, again. im afraid of hurting you. im afraid of
    loving you
    so tell me is this real...?