• When I had entered middle school I made a few friends. I had met people who were nice enough to let me hang around with them. But I had met other people who were not quite friendly.

    They had often pushed me around, by calling me names or shoving me. So yeah I was offended by it. I would think about what they said for weeks and later got over it, but then they would only come back to provoke me.

    It was ironic how the more they called me names or physically hit me, more of my classmates would show sympathy towards me. That was how I was able to make more friends.

    But one time those kids who pushed me around went too far. During lunch I was with my friends talking and a girl came up to me with her friends and began to call me vulgar names. I could feel a sense of rage just swelling up inside me. When she began to talk about my family and began to talk back to her. I could see how my friends and the girl's friends were a little shocked seeing that I was mostly quiet.

    As we argued the girl said we would get down after school at the park. I didn't need anyone to explain what that meant to me. The group of girls walked off after that and my friends began to spread the word about fight afterschool. During class I worried about what I would do. I didn't worry about how I was going to fight, but how my parents would react when they found out I got into a fight.

    When the bell rang and school was over I was planning to just walk away from the fight, but my friends said I would look like a total loser if I did. So they escorted me to the park where the fight would be. It seemed msot of the kids at school were here. They were group together so in the middle it formed a large ring.

    I could see the girl who provoked me there. The kids were all cheering and betting on who was going to win. So when I faced the girl she began to pull my hair. It happened sort of quick, so I quickly grabbed her arm and drove my nails into her skin as hard as I could. It seemed to work when shelet go and looked to see if I did anything serious. I could see that the students around us were having a great time watching. When she ran over to me I didn't know how to act. So I just punched her right in her face. She backed off and covered her nose with her hand. I could see some blood begin to drip below her nose. I wondered if I really hit her that hard. I don't know what she said, but she seemed to have called off the fight since she walked away with her friends.

    Most of the observing students ran over to me and saying I won. It didn't feel good hurting her really. I felt some joy from my victory rushing through my blood. But now I really regret it.