• ok first to start off hes not on gaia
    we all ahve hero's right?
    well im a bowler and i ahve a bowling hero
    i met him in my 7th grade year, he was so cool and i could look up to him
    but now...i dunno what the hell i was thinking
    my hero, yes he would help me and tell me what to do to improve
    but now as i see you...i dunno what happened to you..
    you used to be so cool, so live giving and now your dead
    i knwo you've made bad choices, drugs, alcohol, lust
    but we've all made bad choices, some worse and some not as bad as yours
    when i see you back then i actually wanted to hang out with you
    when i see you know i just want to walk away and shake my head
    MATT!! what the ******** happened to you
    your NOT you thats what happened
    all i see whenever i see you is a facade
    you say your happy but i knwo your not
    your a corpse
    its like you died in yourself and your jsut a body amongst the living
    its PAINFUL to see you like this
    im not the only one whos noticed that youve changed
    brittany, richard, ronson
    we've all noticed, and we miss you, THE REAL YOU
    not te facade your putting on
    i want the guy who used to do challenges with richard
    who used to act stupid with ronson
    and who used to go out with brittany
    i MISS you
    you NEED to get help
    please for me
    for the ones who miss you
    for your own family
    and most of all for YOURSELF!!