• One morning after our first period in class, our English teacher have just told us a story about angels visiting people or places during morning at 8:00. I enjoyed listening to the story but i didn't really believed it, I was like, "okay". After that, it was time for our next subject, our teacher asked me to sweep the floor beside her table, so i grab the broom and start sweeping the floor. My classmates were busy talking, some are just doing nonsense, while others are doing nothing. One of my classmate passed beside me, I think he just got out of the C.R. .
    While sweeping the floor I suddenly turned and looked outside the room. Our classroom's door is always open during class, and as i look at it, something dark passed by the door and everything around me went quiet, very quiet. It only last for about 2 seconds. I can't explain much how the figure look, it's black and i think i didn't see any feet , it was like it's floating and it pass so fast but i can still remember clearly how it looks in my mind but i can't explain it. I'm the first one to say a word and I asked why everyone is so silent and then everything went back to normal, my classmates start talking about what happened, and I told them I saw it, I'm not sure if they believed me, my other classmate said she saw it too, but I'm not sure if she really did. I told them that it was black, no feet, and floating and i think it have wings too, I'm not sure.
    Then we remember what our teacher have told us.
    And guess what time it is when it happened............
    8:00 in the morning!!!!

    i'm not really sure if it was an angel,
    and it never happened again

    so guys,, any idea what the hell is that??