• As Kara rode her bike to school , it seemed as if the harable moving pictureof a horror movie kept replaying over and over again in her mind. exept this horror movie existed and she was living breathing proof.
    and when the man was done with the lady that she had met just an hour ago, he came after her almost hiting her to the wall dodging it she ran out of a whole in the huge wooden wall.kara could still remember the exact expression the man had on his face. it was almost as if he found this sort of thing enjoying.
    "hey Kara!" she heard her friend yell coming out of her harsh memorey of a few days ago. she smiled sheeplishy and waved trying not to show any real emotion. though she doubted her friend didnt already know about it. actually it was hard to beleive that she wasnt going to me malled by her fellow class mates.
    "curse the news!" she said under her breath. her friend Lucy almost noticed her mumbling to herself but she left it alone for now. But kara could tell she was dying to know what happened, though she would rather not talk about it.
    Kara pushed that thought away for later as they entered the school yard. she wasnt noticed till a random guy was to see her standing there. then he seemed to start whispering to people and those people started whispering to people, the cycle just kept on going and going untill she couldnt get to any of her classes with out being spoted and asked a million of questions every five minute break between periods.
    she some how lasted till the end of school for the day. when she finally got out she ran as fast as she could to her bike and rode home in only ten minutes.
    but the thing about home ment parents and there the same but ofcourse they ask the worst questions out of all the people she had to run from today.
    Kara ended up stopping half way and turning to a different path only four minutes from home. she found her self in a ditch. positive that her parents and friends are freaking out right now.

    To Be Continued.........