• I'm just one room away

    Chapter one: Starting class and the only girl?

    "What's this Grandma?"kou said as he started drying his hair with a towel.
    his grandma told him"why boy,you were accepted into Takoshima university,boy!"

    Kou walked up to the front gates of the school pleading nothing was going to happen"Oh god,please help me!!!"he walked through and noticed all the other kids....he must've thought he was suited here because it was so huge"it wasn't just a 'school'"he said to himself"its a...a...UNIVERSITY!!"
    "Hello and welcome to our all boys University."Juliet said seeing the new a arrival. As strange as it was Juliet was the only girl on campus."Here this is your dorm and have a great time here. Your room mate will be with you soon." She told him then walked off somewhere.Kou was startled when the girl spoke to him."oh yeah thanks"he walked to his dorm room."one girl...that's weird"he opened the room door to see a couple ofbeds.he sighed as he threw his stuff on top of his bed. Juliet was walking someone to dorm 1."Here we are Len.Your roommate is here and if you need anything just call for me."She said walking back down the hallway."Hey you boys need to get in your rooms before the bell rings!"She called out to everyone.Len walked in the room and put everything on the open bed and laid down."How can there only be one girl here?"He asked himself. He looked over and saw another guy."I guess your used to more then one girl in your school too huh. Well that chick works here and has to learn everything we are." Kou looked back at len"learn everything that we are...?thats right...she acts like a teacher but is pretty young...oh,yeah that's right,public schools are always co-ed...i didn't even apply for this school,but i got an acceptance letter...i guess it was pretty cool.." He put his hand on his head."When i woke up in the hospital i found a letter by my head and thats how i got in."He said turning over and closing his eyes. "ah,i see"kou walked toward the door and opened it"ah,im going to take a good look around the school"he put hi hands in his pockets"wanna come?" He got up"Yeah sure."He was hoping that his head might stop hurting if he stop going to sleep all the time. kou locked the door behind him and started walking"so..what's your name"kou smiled a bit,seeing the his roomate wasn't annoying. "My names Len. You are?"He said sighing.He felt the pains coming and going but he had to ignore them and have a good time at school. "oh,nice to meet you len,my name's kou!but you look alot older than me"he said laughing. "Nice to meet ya to Kou."He stop walking and leaned against a wall.'damn it...those pains hurt even worst then the doctor said they would.'"Damn it." kou stopped walking and turned around."whats wrong?"he walked toward len and put his hand on his shoulder. "I was in the hospital for about four months cause i was in a coma so now my head hurts me alot. It normally hurts if i lay down too long but now it seems to give me problems even when i'm moving."He had his hands on his head."It just hurts so much."and a tear fell from his eyes. Kou grabbed len and put him over his shoulder and said"want me to take you to the doctor's office?" "I don't need that lady worrying about me. And remember when i---"He stopped.'no please not now.' Juliet walked over to Kou and Len."Is something wrong boys?"she asked.
    Alex walked up to the school and noticed ONE girl at the school.What the hell.... he thought walking past the girl, kind of staring. "Hi there. your in dorm 2 with another young man Alex."she said. Setsuna walked to his room ignoring the girl and dropped everything by his bed and sat down."Damn i hate walking."He muttered to himself. Alex walked by her and went to his dorm.He saw someone else there."Hey, I'm Alex."[/color[she said walking past him and dropping his stuff on the bed. "I hope they get along." She said to herself walking through the halls. He looked up."I'm Setsuna. Nice to meet ya." Alex nodded and lied down on his bed.He wasn't going to jump into any relationships right now.He lied there and then said "Right back at yeah." He lied down then coughed a bit and closed his eyes."yeah." Alex rolled over and looked him.He smiled weakly, then said "This is kinda random, but your cute."He smiled to himself and kept looking at him. 'am i dreaming or did he just say i'm cute?'he thought."Thanks. I was kinda thinking the same about you." Juliet knocked at there door."Hey there boys time for lunch---"she turned and looked down the hallway seeing Len."Umm i also need you two to help me out with a tiny favor. Then when we're done with that get to the class room." "Yes right away. you gonna come."he said. getting off his bed and went to the door. Alex looked at the door and sighed."Thanks.But really, you are cute."he said smiling. He smiled and left the room and went with Juliet."Wow he looks like he's really hurt." He went back to the room."Hey could you come and help us get this dude back to Dorm 1 please." 'Damn thats right this kid is the one that was in a coma for that long time. i don't what to do except call his doctor and get him here.'She thought and thats all she could do right now.She sighed and and worried that if this kid didn't get help something bad may happen and she'll loss everyone here."Come on boys. Make out later." Alex went out and saw the guy.He lifted them and carried him to dorm 1."Wow he was heavy."he said coming out of the room. "I can hear you..."he said. "Oh thank you Alex. This really was a good thing for you to do..now when your done with him you and Setsuna will follow me to the classroom." 'Wow he's cute and strong.'He thought."Hey Alex can i talk to you after class?" He asked. Alex raised his eyebrow."Yeah sure."he said smiling.He followed the girl to the class. She opened the door and walked in standing in front of everyone."Good morning boys. i have four new students but sadly only two made it today so i want you to welcome Alex and Setsuna. Now everyone open the books i gave you all and start reading and when your done come see me then go back to your rooms please." Setsuna's eyes widened when he saw how many people this girl had in the class."Wow---"and that was the only thing he could say.Alex smiled at all the people and sat down.He started reading.He was a fast reader, sicne he enjoyed reading.He finished first and went up to the girl.
    She looked up."Wow--" she looked behind him and she saw Setsuna then she looked at the door and saw another new student."Ok you two go back to your form room and please come back here if you need a thing." She said getting up and going to the door. Setsuna walked out of the room and went to their room. He said and walked inside. Walking onto campus, Skyler looked around. Knowing he was late, he hurried up to the school entering he walked to the front desk, asking where to dorms where so he could put his bags down. He smiled and thanked the helper; walking to the dorms, he whistled a soft tune, laughing as he found them. Looking at the doors he walked to dorm number 3. Opening it up with the key he had he walked in. putting some things away and keeping the place neat he decided to explore the campus. Walking around he made it to the classrooms. Juliet meet Skyler."Well hello."She said."Class isn't over if you want to hurry and join us."She sighed and went back to the room and told others to go back to there dorms. Skyler smiled and nodded. walking into the classroom and sitting down. he looked up at Juliet, she's young to be a teacher, maybe she's filling in. she shook his head and began reading in the book that was on his desk. he took out a small notebook and wrote down a few things, incase he was to forget some major things. he looked around and saw people leaving after they where done reading. he closed the book and put away his notes in his pocket and walked up to Juliet. "um, miss, it seems that once we are donw reading we leave. well that's what everyone else is doing, um where do i go now?"He asked. "Oh thats right i never told you. Once your done come see me then go back to your dorm."She told him."But can you do me a favor?" Skyler nodded softly and stood up straight. "what is it that you need me to do miss?" he asked bowing his head lightly rady to do what ever. Kou walked around campus,dreaded at the thought that he was accepted into this school without his knowing"Damn right grandma,i knew you were up to this!!"kou ruffled his hair abit in anger,until he fell over. "Well Skylar there is a student in dorm one that doesn't feel well and since i'm in here and his roommate is somewhere else i need you to check on him for me. And if you can wake him up. His name is Len." Kou thought that being in a university sucked.the only people he had talked to were len and juliet.he saw everyone walking around and sighed. Skyler smiled and nodded. "alright miss i will." he bowed and exited the room walking back to the dorms he found dorm number 1. knocking on the door he waited, leaning up agianst the wall opposite the door he sighed. "must be out of something." he stood up and went on walking to someplace else. he wanted to see if there was anyone he could talk too. he disided to go back to the dorm later on. Len woke to the sound of the door so he got up nearly tripping over his own feet and left the room looking around the hall."Who was that?"He asked himself. He decided to go ahead and check it out then he'll go back. Kou walked back into the dorm.he looked at len"what're you doing up?" After working-out, Skyler walked back to the dorm, walking to Len's room. he stopped in the hallway and looked at the two boys he saw. he smild lightly and walked to them. "um hello, hi. is either one of you Len, Miss Juliet sent me to make sure he was doing better." he spoke with a soft smile. Kou pointed at the other"that's len"he said with a smile. Looking at the one boy that was poked (len), standing in the door way, Skyler nodded. "thank you... um Len..." he turned and walked closer, softly putting his hand on len's forehead. "your warm, you should go back to sleep." he nodded softly and put his hand back down. "um i'm in room 3, if you need anything you could call, or here." he took out a peice of paper and wrote down his cell phone number, handing it to len. "you can call this if you want."
    "Ummm i don't feel like sleeping though."He was kinda nervous because both the boys he was with were both cute. Skyler nodded softly. "alright then, is there something you would want to do?" He wondered looking at Kou and Len. "Not really. I don't like this school much and i hate it when people like teachers worry about me." Kou sat on his bed,and said"well if len doesn't want to sleep,why don't you stay.we could all do something together"he crossed his arms"we could..play a game or something...?" Skyler smiled and nodded. "alright then." he walked in and sat down on a chair. looking around he wondered who his room mate will be, then he looked back at Len and Kou. "so what game will it be?" "Dunno. Something good though."His idea of fun might not be their kind of fun. Setsuna walked down the hall with his head hung low. All he wanted to do was confess his love to his roommate but it seems he can't do that with being left alone. His heart sunk to the bottom of his chest and thats what began the tears rolling down his face. Zikaku was walking down the hallway when he saw a boy crying "whats the matter" he said as he stoped infront of the boy who was crying infront of him worried about the person as he stood there waiting for a reply from the person. Setsuna looked up and saw someone looking at him and for the first time heard helping words."I Don't know what to do anymore,"he began pleading."I want my new friend which is my room mate to notice me so he'll like me more but i don't really know what to do."The tears continued rolling down his face when he saw Juliet coming towards them. "Is everything ok here?"she asked. Her face was worried because most her students are difficult to deal with. She didn't see the student in front of her so she ran right into him."Oops clumsy me." Zikaku looked at the boy that was crying and was about to say something but a girl bumped into him as he fell to the ground from her bumping into him and looked up at her before getting back up and looking back at the boy "hey if you want him to notice you then do something that he will notice, it that that hard to figure out" he said as he smiled to the boy. Juliet gave a cute look towards Zikaku."You must be new. I'm one of the only two teachers Juli---."she was interrupted.She glared down the hallway and saw the gloomy looking Akaito coming down it calling her name."What do you need now Akaito?!" Akaito looked at her with his bagged eyes."I just can't sleep Julie. I haven't slept for a week."He looked at the dark haired boy and he smiled a bit. "Your right and thats what i'll do."He ran off to find Alex and tell him how he feels so he started with the first dorm. Zikaku looked at the person that was walking down the hallway then back at the girl "so who is he" he asked the girl who tuned out to be a teacher but didn't know her name since she was interupted as she was telling him what it was. "He's the only other male teacher. His name is Akaito Walker. My name is Juliet Hishio the only female teacher and i happen to be the youngest."She said still staring Akaito down then she looked back at Zikaku."So whats your name kiddo."she asked with a smile. Zikkau looked at her "why the name is zikaku zaraki" he said as he looked down the hall at akaito before looking back at juliet "and please don't call me kiddo" he said as he yawned. "My bad. I just get used to saying that even though i'm fifteen years old."She got up and went to Akaito."Look don't go thinking you can hit on the new kid you got that."she said in a motherly tone."Yeah i heard ya."He wondered back the door he came from and shut the door."Man that kid was cuter than any other boy here...thats good."he said to himself."Yeah got back news..you gotta share the same dorm room with Akaito." Zikaku looked at juliet "your kidding right, why must i share a room with him" he said as he looked down at the floor in disappointment "oh well i guest i can live with it though, since i don't got a choice anyways" he said as he looked back up at her.
    "Under all that gloom lies a sweet man. He's very nice so don't let his talk trick you and besides i think having someone room with him would make him very happy."She said looking down the hall."I think he's just upset about what happened before he started working here two years ago." He looked at her confused. "Really what happened."he asked looking at juliet."If you don't mind telling me that is."he said as he waited for a reply as he smiled at her. She put one of her fingers on his lips."You can't tell him i told you this but he was tortured as a child by his mother then killed her. His father was a drunk so he was hardly around so he made a friend but what he didn't know was that this friend was gay so he was raped three times by this guy before he moved to this town and worked here." Zikaku listened to what juliet said."Thats horrible no wonder he is the way he is."he said as he looked at the door to his room."I feel sorry for him."he said before looking back at juliet. "Go and see if he won't talk to you. I'm sure he will but you never know and be careful because he's bisexual and he may start acting strange since i won't be in there." She told him. She was think maybe that wasn't a good idea but she didn't know til she tried."If he starts crying calm him down ok cause i gotta go to the office."She said as she ran down the hall. Zikaku sighed as he walked into his room not liking the fact that he has to share it with some one who is so moody. When he got into the room he sat down on his bed and took off his googles he was wearing around his neck and put them down next to him. Akaito looked at Zikaku from the corner of his eyes."Hi,"He started."Did Julie send you in here to make me feel better or are you rooming with me?"He asked. He laid down so he could feel more comfortable. Zikaku looked at him."I'm rooming here."he said as he looked at him."So don't worry it wasn't to make you feel better."he said as he layed down on his bed. "Oh.."He said sounding depressed. Akaito has been alone for three years but doesn't want anything bad to happen to his new friend/student."Did Julie tell you the story about me?"He asked yet another question. He looked at him as he sat up."Yeah she told me your story."he said as he rubbed his head as he said that."But don't worry i'm not going to judge you, for it."he said as he smiled at him. He had a shocked look on his face a he jolted up."Your the very first person to say that to me."He didn't want to count Juliet because she takes care of him. Zikaku looked at him."Yeah well thats just my nature."he said as he smiled again."I'm just a easy going guy." He coughed about more times then he could count then he just knew he had to lay down for a while. His started to hurt the he looked at Zikaku with a smile with his hand over his head. Zikaku watched him"Are you ok?"he asked worried about him as he looked over to him. "I think so."He smiled then fell asleep slowly. Zikaku layed back onto his bed and closed his eyes as he put his googles on the nightstand next to his bed. Juliet knocked on the door quietly. She wouldn't normally bother others when there asleep but she had to tell Zikaku something. Zikaku heard a knock on the door and got up to answer it and saw it was juliet."Hello."he said as he smiled to her."How can i help you?" He asked. She peeked in seeing Akaito asleep."I need to talk with you because i believe i left out some major details to his story that you must know."She pulled him over to dorm 9, her room, and took him inside shutting the door behind them. Zikaku stood there has he waited for what juliet had to say a he stood there waiting his eyes wondered around the room looking at all the things inside the room.
    "Lets see how i can put this with out you going to him and trying to make things better. Akaito has problems other then liking other guys. I told he was beaten but he told me he was beaten til he couldn't even move. After that point when he started living with me he began feeling ill all the time and it's because his mother drugged him so much that he'd get sick almost all the time. He also has scares left from being hit and what not and there's nothing we or any doctor can do.I just wanted you to know these things and now you may go back to your room."She told him. Zikaku nodded at what juliet said before leaving her room and sighing."Man that i'm not going to talk about,how could i."he said before going to his room. She leaned against her door from the inside and had one of her hands over her mouth. How could she not feel bad after saying all that. Akaito was awake before Zikaku came in the room but he stayed in bed. He felt lonely in the dark but it helped him feel better. Zikaku layed on his bed looking up at the ceiling staring out into the dark spacing out not noticing anything around him thinking about what juliet just told him. He looked at Zikaku."Can you sleep with me tonight?"He asked. Zikaku sat up and looked over at Akaito."Sure but just so you know i'm straight."he said as he layed back down. He smiled back."Ok. I won't do anything wrong i promise."He said. Zikaku laughed."Ok if you do i would have to do something about it and it wouldn't be pretty for sure."He said as he layed back down looking at the ceiling. He decided to lay on his right side and he went to sleep. More like he was more cat like then any person cause he's just like a cat. She sat on her bed thinking."Maybe what i did was bad or maybe not."She mumbled to herself. Zikaku closed his eyes as he put his googles back around his neck and fell asleep.
    Chapter two: The new kids and a new problem

    Juliet went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and a cup of coffee. Her hair was a mess but she didn't care cause it was the morning and nothing really matters."I wonder how the boys did last night."She said to herself. Went she went back to her room she knocked on all the doors telling everyone to get up and get something to eat. Zikaku woke up and wiped the sleep away from his eyes. After doing so he sat up looking around the room before getting up and changing. He then woke Akaito up before walking out of the room. Akaito woke up and got out of bed."Food time."He got changed then left the room to get breakfast."Oh yeah i got you for class today so be ready." Zikaku looked at Akaito."Ok." he said before walked to get somehting to eat and some coffee"So what is your class any ways Akaito" he asked as he turned around and started to walk backwards. "Self defense and Offense class. But it's very easy. Juliet is your other teacher and she teaches things like math and reading." Zikaku looked down at the ground."Well i'm not going to be any good in your class then, i'm more book smart." he said as he took out his glasses and put them on and then put his googles on his face wich hid the frame of the glasses so it looked like he wasn't wearing glasses just the googles. "Well unless you wanna be 'attacked' by the boys here i really suggest you come today." Zikaku looked at him. "Ok i'll come then." he said as he got to the kitchen and got a cup of coffe and drank it. He finished eating and he went to the class room."See you there." Zikaku waved to him before he started to eat his breakfeast and watched as he walked out of the room and when he was done he went to the classroom that he was told to be in. Akaito turned to the class."Hello everyone and welcome to my class for offense and defense."He spotted Zikaku and knew just what to do."And our first volunteer is Zikaku." Zikaku hung his head as he stood up and went to the front."I should of saw that coming." he said to his self as he stood infront of the class puting his googles around his neck and taking off his glasses puting them in his case then in his pocket. "Alright everyone this is also our new student. Now what we're gonna learn today is how to get ride of a guy that bothers you about going somewhere alone then tries forcing you." Zikaku shakes his head."Should of known that coming also." he said as he looked at Akaito."So what do i need to do." he asked as he stood there. Akaito looked at Zikaku."Ok this won't hurt so don't worry. Alright boys all you have to do is bring on of his arms back and knee him in the a** or in the back it doesn't matter which. Or force him on his knees and pull both his arms till he begs you to stop."He said letting Zikaku go. Setsuna just watched Akaito as he showed the class the self defense technique and he fell in love with this man on sight. He thought he could ask him if he feel the same way but thats more for a guy trying to asked a girl out so he's just gonna confess his love to Akaito instead. "Alright guys thats all for today now i want everyone to go see Juliet for your normal class."Akaito said seeing everyone but Setsuna leaving so when everyone was gone he closed the door then locked it going over to Setsuna."Is everything ok?"He asked. He looked at Akaito."I'm fine it's just i want to talk to you." Dan walked up to the school gates. "Wow. It's so colorful. I hate colors."
    "what do you need to tell me?"He asked. Juliet was out in the lobby before headed class and for her teacher outfit today was a denim jean black mini skirt and a shirt with suspenders. She wore stockings with all black converse. She turned around a saw a new student. "Excuse me miss, where's dorm 7?" Dan had on a baggy black tee and baggy skater jeans with his usual black converse. "Follow me"She said with a smile putting her brown jacket back on."You need to head to my class so when your done getting ready you and your roommate will come with me to my class." His face started turning red then he just came out with it."I like you." His heart was jumping right out of his chest. "Thank you. So what's your name?" Hige caught up to Juliet and Dan."Hey are you guys going to dorm 7?"He asked panting like crazy."Why yes we are. Oh you must be Hige. My names Juliet Hishio one of the teachers here."She said smiling then keeping her eyes on the hallway so she doesn't run into someone. Akaito's also started turning red. He pull the boys head up his chin and kissed him on the lips."I think your cute." This was Setsuna's first relationship with anyone but it was great cause him and his teacher could go out."Y..you really think i'm cute?" he asked looking away.
    "Oh ok my name is Dan. And ur Ms. Hishio?" "Yes i do."He held the boy close because he didn't have to be afraid of being hurt again. Tears came rolling from his face."I love you Setsuna."His voice flowed into Setsuna."Yes i am. I hope you and Hige get along because he never really gets along with people."She looked at the two.'if they fight i'll kill them both.' she thought. "Oh great so i'm stuck with him now huh? I guess it could be worse." Setsuna felt the tears and held his teacher...his lover closer."It's ok cause i love you too." Hige had taken offense to that."That was pretty cold you know that."He said in a low growl. "Ok you two lets not start anything please."she said trying not to yell at them. "Man i'm just kiddin with you." He elbowed Hige in the arm. Ameile walked down the hall quietly.he ignored the students around him and just kept walking. Hige faked a chuckle.He looked at Juliet and couldn't believe she was their teacher. She looks to young but cute. Juliet faked a chuckle.She looked at Hige and noticed he had a strange collar on his neck. She thought it was cute. Setsuna kissed Akaito good bye."I have to get going so meet up with me later." Hige saw a boy walk out of the self defense and offense class and ran right past them."Whats with him?"He asked himself. She hummed a song in latin but listen to the two boys she had with her. Setsuna ran past Hige without any second thoughts of wanting to see Akaito again. "I have no idea." He was so happy he didn't care what happened today just as long as him and his new lover were together."Me and Akaito tonight...awesome."He said to himself. "Ms.Hishio who works in the fighting class?"He asked. "Our sweet and kind hearted Mr.Akaito Walker. Don't let his gloomy looks get to you...He likes one of my students and i guess it just makes him happy and here we are at dorm room 7."She said smiling. "Nice time to unpack! Thanks Ms Hishio." "No problem boys."She said going across the hall to the fighting class."Akaito what were you doing in here with Setsuna?"She asked forgetting she left dorm 7's door open."He wasn't in my class so what were you two doing. And don't give me 'we talked' cause that child never smiles so confess."She said in a lower tone the usual "Look Juliet He needed to---fine he said 'i like you' to me i held him close then kissed him then i said 'i love you' then he said 'i love you too' and thats all we did."He explained to her getting a bit frustrated. Setsuna was worried if Juliet found out and got mad at him for what he had done. What was he worrying about? Akaito isn't in trouble and besides their love is a secret. "shhh. It's an all boys school what do you expect.Now hush i think there's more."he told Dan. "I can understand teh students liking each other but you and a student is something i can't handle. I don't want you to get hurt again and you know thats why i take care of you but if this keeps going on i don't know what to do with you. I have new students that just got here and i need to deal with them before i deal with you now just stay here until i finish with these two boys."She ordered as she walked back to the room. "Quickly act like you didn't hear anything."Hige ordered sitting on his bed reading a book. Darian walked toward the front gate of the school, holding his luggage in his hand. He looked at the school wit a smirk. This should be fun. He walked in to the school grounds, looked around, then walked inside. He stared in amazement. He looked around, trying to find someone who could help him to his room. He walked slowly out of the lobby and into a hallway. Akaito followed Juliet out in the hallway."Don't treat me like a child Julie."he said to her. Juliet turned around and slapped Akaito."Stop whining like one ok. You should know one of our students had it worst then you so stop acting like you need all the attention you got that. I'm so sick and tired of you doing that to everyone. Poor Setsuna might not know i will tell him and maybe he'll think twice before looking at you ever again."She's never had to do that before to anyone but he just didn't need to push her like that."I might be younger than you but i'm the one who took care of you so just shut the hell up with all this whining and get back to your class room because you have a class coming."She ordered. "Dude, Hige, this is getting kinda weird." Darian spoted a couple people ahead and smiled. He dropped his bags and ran up to the two people. "Would you guys mind helping me to my dorm?" He continued to smile, hoping they would help him out. He noticed that the boy's face had a light hand mark on it, as though he had been slapped recently. He then turned to the girl. Mabye she hit him.....? He shrugged slightly and awaited their reply.
    "I'm sorry you had to see that. If you just follow me i'll get you to your room. Lets see your dorm with Gin."She said smiling again and she walked with him back to Akaito."Come on."She said. "Did you see how hard she hit him. That had to hurt alot if you ask me." Setsuna ran to Akaito's class to see him standing in the hallway with a hand mark on his face."Akaito are you ok?"He asked. "Yea sounded like it. Oh well."