• I have had not the the greatest life for the past seven years, but at least I had my best friend Becca. Becca is so awesome and cool even though she doesn't know it. she helped me throw the worest of the seven year.Now I didn't know Becca for the entire seven years. She has only been my friend for about two years,but in those two years she has saved and changed my life. and I am forever greatful for that.
    Becca and I have aways been wierd and we are okay with that. Becca and I just get each other.We could be saying something that makes no sence whatsoever and the other one get what she is say 100%.That is just how our friendship works.
    Becca and I are not the pretty girls that all the guys drull over. we are just normal becca is about 6'0, black curly hair,and wears glasses. i am about 5'7,light brown straight hair,and i never leave the house with out music. becca and I both love to write, we are both really funny, and we both love music, but we are very diffrent. Becca is a wonderful artist,and she is so smart that in seventh grade she was taking some high school classes. I am a great musician, loves photograhy,and I love nature. We are the perfect pare of friends not to similar, but not to diffrent.
    I can't imagen what my life would be like without her. Well actually if Becca was never in my life. i would not have a life because i would be dead. As bad as it sounds it is. Before Becca, i actually thought about my death. I had it all planned out. One day after school i would lock myself in my room and cut "I'M SORRY" into my arms,and if that didn't work i would cut my throut. i actually wrote a Will. all my music went to my brother, all my clothes to my sister, and everything else to my parents. I also said i wanted to be creamated. My last sentance in my Will was " please don't be sad i am in a better and happier place." But know that i think about it that would have made them blam themselves,and that was the last thing I wanted.
    Even though i had my plan all ready. I still couldn't bring myself to actaully do it. I was worried that my mom would die because I would give her a heart attack. I was just so worried about the outcome that i didn't want to know what it was like to be free from my pain just yet.

    please comment i love hearing what you think