• I live in a small village and I love it, I go to high school there and I always hang around the streets with my freinds. I always toke the quiet streets for grantic, people smiling as they walked past even stopping to have a chat. But instead of making the most of my small village, I complained all the time. I wanted to go to the city, seeing the big shops with there endless suppy of goods, I wanted to walk along the streets to blend into the crowds and most of all I wanted to prove that the city was the place to be. smile

    So I was thrilled when mum told me that we were to spend a day there in the big city. Its not like I havn't been to the city before, but this one was bigger and better than the one I went too so I was exited.

    At first it went great, I loved the train ride, watching the veiws change before my eyes, from feilds of green with houses dotted all over to big buildings close together and people moving back and forth. I was filled with exitement as we walked the streets, dragging mum into every shop but soon the exitment left and I soon saw the grey scary things about the city. If you stood for a moment people would bang into you and not even apologise, nobody smiled and there were people talking in so many different languages. I saw people standing watching others go past and I couldn't help but think of stabbings, pick pocketing and bag grabbing. soon I was overwelmed with fear, fear for getting lost, of getting stuff stolen and of hundreds of different horrors both big and small. I was shivering and I wanted to cry. It was all to much and I begged mum to bring us home early. emo cry

    I hated myself so much for feeling scared and running away from it all, what was I going to say to my freinds when they asked me about it.All I know is that I didn't feel safe and I knew I couldn't stay. I guess I should have tryed to get use to my suroundings first instead of jump right in. redface

    heart By lynne heart