• It started out with my friend Kristina and her little Cousin Cameron. They came over to my house with cinamon sticks. I immeaditly took notice to the cinamon sticks and grabbed one and chewed it right up.

    We sat on the trampoline and ate the cinamon sticks with the frosting covering them. My friend Kristina is such a slow eater it's sad. Kristina ate a few pieces then talked. Cameron jumped about on my trampoline while the Cinamon Sticks flew in the air and the frosting fell over. I laughed.

    We spent most of the time on my trampoline jumping and doing stupid things. We played poisen ball which is you get a ball the size of a basket ball and put it in your trampoline. You can't let the ball touch you or your out. Soon the game got old.

    Cameron pretened to like Kristina. Kristina thought it was all true. Until she realized Cameron was faking which relived Kristina.

    Soon before I knew it everyone was pigpiled on top of me. It wasn't so bad since none of my friends were overweight and I'm strong.

    Soon we noticed Nathen my next door neighbor. He is autistic. My friends are kind to him because I told them he is autistic. We asked if he wanted to come on the trampoline with us. Finally he said yes and started jumping.

    Nathen suggested a website he made called Elevatorsonly or something like that. My friend Kristina told me that her mom told her that austic people get a liking to things I guess Nathen like elevators. We went on his site it was sort of weird...

    Then we saw my other neighbors Kelvin and Zack. We call Kelvin and Zack Estbon and Patrick. I don't they like it.... Nathen didn't get it and he called Kelvin's and Zack's mother!!!! We are like NO NATHEN!! He said that we were calling Kelvin and Zack Estbon and Patrick. Kelvin and Zack's mother didn't seem to be angry. We invited Kelvin and Zack over our house to jump on the trampoline. They came.

    Cameron suggesested that we could go get some popsticles at his house. I took everyone's order for what popsticle they wanted. I saved what they wanted in my phone. Cameron, Kristina, and I went to get the popsticles.

    Cameron's house was pretty cool he had a place where it looked like a bar and it had a bar. That's were we got the popsticles. The popsticles rocked and we got the right kind for everybody.

    When we were walking to my house it started to rain. We ate our popsticles on the trampoline in pouring rain. Then all we did was throw the popsticle wrappers on the ground. *I still have some on the ground*

    After everyone ate the popsticles it was butt bounce time. Everyone got up and did the butt bounce all at the same time. Mostly we all just fell over.

    After a bit I crashed into Zack and tumbled to down on the trampoline. Ouch.. It didn't feel that good but I got up and proved that I wasn't a wimp. It still really hurt though.

    Soon the rain started pouring hard and Kristina left with Cameron. I was stuck with three boys. Yuck... Soon I just wanted to go home. I told everyone I was going home and Kelvin and Zack's mom told everyone to come on home.

    I went in the house and proceeded to put on my pajama's and go on the computer.