• mrgreen "Meet me at the plaza square...for a rematch xp " said Allen over the phone.
    "Sure, but if I win you have to...LICK MY BUTT!!! blaugh Ahahahaha!!!" shouted Yoko.
    "Shut up Yoko!"
    "It appears that master Wolf is upset" said Beasick.
    My name is Allen T. Wolf im a teenager from Shibuya. I have two best friends Kaji K. Kay (we know xd ) and Yoko F. Shuro. Kaji is your typical half emo half hippie anime guy that everyone wants to be or go out with cool Yoko is a tom boy who wishes she was girlier redface Yoko also has a litle robot butler named Beasick, actualy it's B-101-Butler, but Yoko doesn't go anywhere without him so we got attatched to him 3nodding
    "Honestley, I think Yoko is serious about the butt licking" joked Kaji.
    "Hope not eek , I don't think I like butt xp " said Allen.
    "Well you never know with Yoko" laughed Kaji.
    We all play Meda Bodies together ever since we were kids.I wouldn't trade them for the world.

    Later on...
    "u sure Beasick?" asked Yoko. Yoko and Beasick had gotten to the plaza early.
    "Yes Im sure master Shuro, it's been too long it's now or never-Oh! here comes master Wolf and master Kay!"
    Here came Allen and Kaji runnin over a hill towards the plaza.
    "Ey! Yoko! Fight time!" shouted Allen. twisted

    Both Yoko and Allen were suddenly surrounded by streams of light.
    With a final flash everyone is blinded for a second and when the light starts to dim you see that Allen and Yoko are in Meda Bodie mode.
    "In the red corner, Beastheart-20 pilot name: Allen Wolf rank C-" announced the MB tower AI.
    "In the blue corner, Bubba-B-3 pilot name: Yoko Shuro rank D", MB tower AI.

    *hmph* Lionheart inhales a huge breath...
    "Gato Buster!!" shouted Lionheart as a burts of fire and wind shot out of his mouth.
    The Gato Buster flew towards Bubba at neck break speed, but!-Bubba catches the buster like nothing, due to Bubba's large bear paws.
    "Garuu Buster!!" shouted Bubba as a spiked ball of ice shot out oh his mouth.
    "Shimmer bodie!" said Lionheart right before the buster hit. Lionheart then appeared above Bubba and twisted into a downward uppercut...
    "Real original Bubba" smirked Lionheart afterwards he landed the kick right in Bubba's face. *whack!*
    With one last twist Lionheart came back around and kicked Bubba again! *wham!*
    Then as Bubba was recovering from the beating Lionheart started to turn red and glow, the grass stone around him started to either burn or get singed.
    "Uh oh?!", Bubba.
    Rings of fire started to swirl around Lionheart...

    To be Continued... rofl