• Choroshina aka Choro, was watching .hack// crying anime one of the most heart warming animes in the world, its so sad, when fluffi the giant cat who lives in the closet entered the room. "OMG ITS FLUFFI!" 4laugh heart
    choro looked at fluffi, " hey flufs ,my man is it cool?"
    "Yes but edward is just soooooooooooooo hot!!!!!"
    "Oh no youre turning into a fangirl, but how youre a boy, Fluffi and i didn't know you liked Twilight? razz eh?" "giant kitties still have felings," he replied. "ok can we jump on the bed? lets jump on the bed! jumping on beds is fun! Weeeee! wheeeee! "Hey you know, i like fuzzy sweaters!"

    The End