• This is the entry essay a friend of mine sent to the University of Florida. He was accepted by this.
    Please know, he's Fascist, hence the way the essay comes off, and i apologize if you don't like it.

    To those who hate America, to those who wish for our downfall, and to those who despise our people;

    This is for the Americans who work 9 to 5 every weekday.
    This is for the Americans who fight for our country, away from their families, and in the middle of terror.
    This is for the Americans who know a day trip to the beach with their families can be worth more than a $25 million dollar estate in the Hamptons

    America WILL NOT FALL.

    To any one awaiting our destruction, you will not overtake us.
    The American spirit is strong, even when the dollar is not.
    230 years ago a group of men came together to declare our Independence from a tyrranic government, and since that day, July 4, 1776, we have remained independent.
    That isn’t going to change because some Dictator threatens us.
    If other governments think we have a lot of troops in the Middle East fighting against a "pointless war", then wait until they see what we can do when America is attacked.
    It's the average citizens that make this country work.
    Sure, we're publicized for corrupt politicians and a failing economy, but we are so much more than that.
    We are the single working mom who works overtime to give her kids the benefit of a better life than she had.
    We're the grandfather in his rocking chair telling his grandkids about his time in the Vietnam war.
    We're my own father sharing stories with me about when he was my age.
    We're my mothers collection of cassettes from the 70's.
    It's the America I've grown up in,
    the America that so many people love.
    The America that a group of idealistic rebels risked being hung for establishing.
    It's summers at the beach and Bar-B-Ques on the Fourth of July.

    So, to anyone who doubts our strength, I will say we have never lost a war.

    To anyone who wishes for our failure, I say don't hold your breath.

    And to all of those who want to take our freedom:

    I'd like to see you try.