• Twilight Movie Review:

    Movie Opening:
    I'd never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. So, I can't bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. I would miss Phoenix. I'd miss the heat. I would miss my loving and erratic hair-brained mother and her new husband. But they want to go on the road. So, I'm gunna spend some time with my dad. And, this will be a good thing, I think.

    During the first 02:45s of Twilight, there is strictly narrative speech by Kristen Stewart, the leading role in the film. Stewart plays Isabella Swan, who goes as Bella during the entirety of the film. It only takes until just under ten minutes of the film to introduce the Cullen's. And to everyone's excitement, Edward Cullen is presented at a lovely 09:44s (for those who wish to know exactly where to start the film).

    Edward Cullen is presented as a gorgeous male in the novel. But in the movie, he is none other but Cedric from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a character that dies towards the end. The actor who plays Edward & Cedric is none other than a smashing Robert Pattinson. I think the only reason why he has become such a huge success is because girls look at his portrayal of the handsome Edward Cullen as the real-deal. The amazing of all things magic. Unfortunately, when I mention Harry Potter, no one recognizes his role in that film (unless they are a Potter fan). His role in that film was better, and he could act in that film.

    Isabella Swan is presented as a nerdy, but cute girl in the novel. In the movie, she is the gorgeous Kristen Stewart, who has quite the movie-listings behind her name. Unlike Pattinson. Stewart does a pretty good job acting as Swan throughout the movie, which isn't so bad, despite my distaste for the movie/novel.

    The first clue given about the vampyric activity in the film, is when a security guard is killed in Mason County at the Grisham Mill. Then the next hint is when Swan enters her classroom and Edward is seated at the only table with a seat left, which is where she sits. But, he gives her an odd reaction when she steps in front of the fan. Out of pure hilarity, I enjoyed when she began to smell herself as she sat beside him, thinking she had bad body odour.

    In particularly, I enjoy their first conversation the most, as it gives - yet another - hint at the vampire scenario. This would be when Edward asks Bella about the weather, and she states how she doesn't like the cold. Any cold or wet thing. Following this, Cullen snickers at her remark.


    1)... When Edward tilts his head when him and Bella are working on the in-class assignment, you can clearly see his make-up line and see where his natural skin colour is (pause your screen at 00:19:38, or Scene 4 from your DVD Menu.)

    2) Watch them touch-up Edward's make-up mishap by pausing your screen at 00:19:54, or Scene 4 from your DVD Menu. But you can clearly see his natural skin colour around the brim of his shirt collar.

    3) When Edward stops the van from crushing Bella. Think about this situation people, everyone would have seen him hopping out from between the truck and van. You really think NO ONE would have noticed this? News always captures implications like that, or some eye witness.

    4) Would Bella really be given a check-up like she had been given at the hospital when she wasn't even hit or ANYTHING? No, she would be given a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether or not she would experience any emotional trauma. Not a doctor like Carlisle. This is fact, not me destroying the film.

    5) The first night that Bella dreams of Edward, it only shows his eyes. That is it, except for when she wakes to see him standing before her, but believes she imagined it. Is this really considered a dream when it reveals absolutely nothing of importance?

    6) Did you ever notice how they only show one teacher? Does he teach everything to those students?

    Were up to six flaws, and the movies only on Scene 6. Six Flaws, six scenes. Ends up at one per Scene.

    7) Would any father in his right mind bring up the step-father of their kid by saying, 'So-and-so seems like an alright man.' The truth is, they wouldn't. Not when they are clearly still in love with their ex-wife. It works both ways.

    cool Bella sounds sarcastic when she tells her one friend that she is a 'strong, independent woman.'

    (If you are a fan of the show 'The O.C.', then you've noticed up to the point where Victoria & James appear, that four characters in this movie have appeared in episodes of 'The O.C.'. One character would be Eric. This actor plays Rachel Bilson's date to Prom in the third season. Another would be Rosalie, who plays Sadie, Benjamin McKenzie's flame in season three. And yet again, Jasper, who plays Willa Holland's older flame in the third season as well. And yet another third (but fourth as well) season character, James. He played the infamous Kevin Volchok.)

    9) The restaurant Bella and Edward eat at in Port Angeles. The problem with this scene (Scene 9) is that the waitress that serves them wouldn't be allowed to have her hair like she does. It looks absolutely ridiculous, and considering that restaurant looks semi-fancy, would the owner really allow such.. style?


    Here's the thing, I could go on and on forever about the different flaws in the movie, but it wouldn't change much for the viewers and fanatics of the series. The fact of the matter is this basic rule of thumb when it comes to movie adaptations from books. DON'T MISS IMPORTANT SCENES. Some of the things I may list may not sound important, but they are character+character developing roles.

    Bella & Edward:
    I've decided to only list one, as this review has become ridiculously long. And is mainly personal opinion.

    They have many close-encounters throughout the book that allow them to like each other, rather than impotent scenes that are completely boring and meaningless. And they never allow Bella to feel ridiculously sick when Edward runs with her on his back. It's called MOTION SICKNESS. Thank you.

    One Thing That Worked WELL!

    The Music. It was the best thing about the movie. Some of the songs they chose were a bit much and random sometimes. But it drew the movie together half the time. And it kept me more interested. Good music = Good scenes. Naturally. Unfortunately, the songs didn't always tie with the scenes, but other than that, I enjoyed the music a lot. Especially the instrumental songs. I may buy the soundtrack!


    Amazingly!! I was disappointed with the book AND the film. I don't think I will enjoy the rest of the series if I choose to read it. I may just watch the movies and its poor-acting... Hmm...