• The Skunk – Page Three

    “That’s different.” Muttered Duntin.

    “Not really.” Theo quickly replied.

    “Um… whatever you say, I guess.”

    Theo and Duntin went inside the mansion and nobody was home. Theo quickly ran to the basement, the only part that he truly lived in. His bed was in the small basement kitchen and he had a small bathroom under the stairs. He also had a 2x4” closet that he had never used until now.

    “Duntin, I shall make your quarters in this closet. Now, let me see… Aha! Here is an old pillow you can use as your bed… and this rag as your blanket, and would you like a table? Yes, yes you would. How could we make a table… hum… How about this small wooden crate? Fantastic! Look, you now have a small home. This is good.” Said Theo

    “Thank you! Its gorgeous!” smiled Duntin.

    “Yes it is! Now you just need a food bowl…”

    “How about that dented tin can?”

    Theo cut the top part of the can off and dented it into a bowl shape. Perfect. Duntin now had his own little room. The skunk’s stomach growled again. So Theo scavenged a couple pieces of ham and a tiny omelet. He also got his sink to work for water. Finally, Duntin had an appetite-pleaser. Duntin just had gobbled down the meal when he heard the front door open upstairs.

    “Uh oh! Madam is home! We must get you in a good looking condition!” panicked Theo.

    “Ok…” Duntin said in a concerned voice.

    The poor, panicked man tore a strip of cloth off of his old, ripped up purple blouse and made it into a perfect bow. Then he quickly found a piece of rope and made a cute collar with it and the bow. He grabbed a broken brush and started to brush the skunks’ fur. Then he decided his fur was fine now, no more dirt clumps in it. Placing the collar around Duntin’s neck, he heard his wife call out,

    “Yes madam. Coming!” Theo yelled back.

    Theo ran up the stairs carrying Duntin after telling him to not talk and be quiet.