• Eariler tonight, I was feeling a bit depressed. i toke a medical quiz and it told me I should scheduel an appt. with my doctor. Ever since my parents started fighting, my depressio has been growing worse and worse. Things got a bit worse when my sister died in that car crash, and even more so when my mom decided she was going to think about leaving my dad.

    My life is pretty hetic, but I look at the map of the US on my living room wall and think, "There's at least five other families that are going through the same thing, so get over it, and remember, you're just another fish in the sea of dispair." As much as I would like to talk to someone about this, I can't because I know there are people far worse then my self.

    As much as I would like to cry, I just slap a false smile on my face and get over it.

    my mom is thinking of leaving my dad for another man. When she asks how I feel about it, I usually say "As long as my mother is happy, then I'm fine with anything." I can't help but think other wise. Don't get me wrong, I'm tired of being called a "Shithead" or other names to that affect, but at the same time, I don't want to leave.

    A couple nights ago, I was laying in my bed, thinking to my self, when I started to Daydream.

    In this daydream, it was a couple years in the future, mom had left my stepdad, and gone to the other man. Well, for some strange reason, I had come back to my stepdad, and was standing at the gate, staring at the house. Suddenly, I was teleported into the house to stand infront of a pathetic figure sitting my dad's computer chair. I looked at the man and smiled a sad smile, softly speaking the words, "Hello, Mr. Fowler." a few tears fall from my bloodshot eyes, and I ask him "May I still call you dad?"

    Snapping out of the daydream, that sentence echoed in my ears a few times, and I could feel tears begin to whell up in my eyes. I think it's trying to tell me something, and I just won't listen.

    Even now, as I was writing that dream, the tears were pouring from my eyes, and I could bearly see the keyboard.

    My life sucks, yes, but I know other people's lifes are far worse. I'm just going to grin and bear it. So, no sympathy will flow to these ears, and no words of sorrow will fall from these lips.