• Letters chapter 1

    I couldn't beleive my ears. My face went blank, my eyes empty. What I heard on ther phone was brain freezeing. I wanted to curl up into a ball and wait for the next ice age to freeze me over. I sat there, waiting for her to say it again, "Trevor died."
    All that I could think was WHY and HOW? WHY is he dead? WHY did you know? HOW did he die? I was confused and angery both. How could he DIE!!!! He was playing basketball yesterday and now...DEAD?!?! HOW in the whole wide world could my best friend die??
    "Hello?" the lady said with a stuggle in her voice. My eyes were filled with tears, ready to pour. I manged to choke out, "How?"
    "What?" The lady said camly and I couldn't take it any more. I didn't know what to SAY any more!!! So, I snapped. "HOW!!!!" I said unpacient and stressed. "I SAID HOW! HOW DID HE DIE!! TELL ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Right then I showed my tears. Rolling off my cheeks onto the floor.
    "He died of Leukemia. The doctors did every thing they could, but if he would of lived, he would of made it one last year." These words rang in my head so hard I got a migraine. I, Crystal Morris, was scared. I was scared I wasen't going to see his chubby little face again. I was afraid of not hearing him sing again, his voice.
    I hung up the phone and sat down in the lobby office of Lakewood Middle School. I collapsed my knees, put my head in my hands.....and cried.