• The morning is cold on her face. She is woken up by her mother voice," Wake up! Its time to get up!" she gets up out of her white sheets that have been stained by a variety of things placed carelessly on her bed in a hurry. She does her morning routine. She gets up to a bowl of cereal that her mom prepared for her before she went downstairs. Her brother comes in behind everyone. " You have to hurry up,"her mother says to her brother,"We all have to wake up extra early for you, and you make us late." Her brother rolls his eyes and eats. He slurps his cereal, then inhales through his mouth and exhales through his nose. She eats for about ten more minutes.
    Then she can't take the sound anymore, so she gets up to get changed for the day that lies ahead. She puts on her shirt, then her pants, then her socks. She brushes her teeth and her hair. She hated her hair. No matter how hard she pulled at the brush through the tangles, they kept coming back. Then she put her shoes on. Her brother was doing pretty good this morning. They left at the time they were supposed to. Her mom dropped off her brother first. Then dropped her off. She went to class. Her teacher was smiling as usual
    covering up some sort of deception.
    She put her hands in her pocket and walked in.
    Then she felt something.
    it was two dollars.
    "Yes," she thought to herself," now I can buy some chili cheese nachos!"
    Her school made the best. Then break came around. She bought them and ate all of them. She felt fine.
    Then she went into her science class.
    On her way there she felt worse, and worse, and worse.
    Finally she felt so sick in the stomache she acutaly prayed, and begged the Lord to take her now. Have her passout and never wake up.
    But he never did.
    So she got up and went to her teacher,in the middle of the lesson.
    "My stomache hurts."she said oh so innocently
    Her teacher looked at her as if to say ,"and?"
    "Can I go to the office," she said
    her teacher got a paper and wrote,"stomache ache."
    she felt so releived. She walked to the office.
    She knew the way there good.
    Partly because it was a small school.
    Also because she had terrible stomache issues. They had been to the doctors once.
    But they said diet. Nothing a girl wanted to hear.
    She arrived in the office and handed them the note.
    "So you dont feel good." the office worker said
    she shook her head no.
    the office worker pointed to the bed where sickly children sat time after time.
    THe office worker rolled her eyes and talked to the other workers.
    she could hear partly what they were saying
    she made out words like"she's back" and "faking"
    then after they talked about her they asked," do you feel okay?"
    she shook her head no, furiously at the worker.
    Then she got up and called her mom.
    Her mom knew the drill, she answered and picked her up.
    She called and told her how her stomache felt. I'm on my way.
    "shes on her way."
    she said
    the office worker rolled her eyes.

    Her mom arrived. She walked out to the car. When her mom went in the car she said,"you cant keep leaving, they think your faking..So do I."
    she couldnt beleive her ears! One of the office workers,Mrs.Auginagua's son had stomache problems. But was he faking. NOO oh noo, that innocent child, with the innocent mole.

    From that day forth she never stepped foot in that office again with a smile,a donation, or a caring heart.

    Now that girl who had the stomache problems parent's wont beleive her or take her to a doctor for that reason ever. But she will rest easy, on the night she gets her revenge