• tab "Everyone! Please exit out the building, we are about to begin our first activity," an instructer announced.
    tab Liam let go of Olivia's hands, "Huh. I guess I'll ask you later."
    tab He smiled and gently took grab of Olivia.
    tab The instructer started to explain the instructions of the activity, "This activity has to be split into two groups. So boys here and girls there."
    tab Liam didn't want to let go of Olivia, "I guess I'll be a girl for this activity today," Liam joked and walked to the girls side.
    tab The instructer cleared his throat, "No. Over there, Linel."
    tab "It's Liam. L-I-A-M." Liam rolled his eyes and jogged over to the boys side.
    tab The instructer continued to explain the rules while Liam talked to his guy friends.
    tab "Did you ask her yet?" Ryan, one of his friends, asked.
    tab "No . . . not yet," Liam answered honestly.
    tab "What are you? Nervous?" his friends were shocked since this would be the first time he would be nervous to actaully ask a girl out.
    tab "Yeah, no i mean no. I mean I could be but I'm not . . . I Dunno," Liam confessed.
    tab His friends looked at each other in a weird way, but apparently the activity was over and they took no place in the game.
    tab "Now's your time, man. Ask her," they encouraged.
    tab Liam stared at his friends feelings the strangest feeling in his stomach, "My stomach. This feeling is . . . random. What, I mean how, or why is this happening?"
    tab "It means your nervous man. Just ask her." his friends shoved him towards Olivia.
    tab "Oh. Um, hi Liam." Olivia looked over Liam's shoulder, finding his friends.
    tab Liam was thinking ask her, ask her, ask her, "Hrrrk."
    tab "Are you okay Liam!? Oh my gosh I think he is choking!"
    tab Liam turned bright red and was coughing. His eyes turned watery and couldn't find the words to say.
    tab "Liam?" Olivia shook him gently but with aggresion, "I'm about to get a nurse!"
    tab "WAIT!" Liam manged to finally say something, "Don't. Sorry, I don't know what happened. I just started to feel funny."
    tab "Are you sure your okay? I was worried!"
    tab "You were worried about me?" Liam looked down at his feet shyly.
    tab "Well, yeah. Come on, let's get to the cabin. It's a long way back there."
    tab They started to walk down the path, and Liam thought it was time to say what he wanted to say. He just didn't know how.
    tab "Uh, Olivia. Let's sit down for a bit." Liam and Olivia sat down on a wooden bench.
    tab "Are you feeling sick again?"
    tab "No. Well, kind of. Well, just listen to me."
    tab "Okay, I'm listening."
    tab "Er, Olivia Manning, you may have not known this, but I've had this overtaking love on you, and I, Erk . . . I just wanted to know if you had the same feeling toward me. I," Liam took her hands, " Love you. Is that okay?" Liam breathed heavly.
    tab Olivia took a deep breath and looked down at her feet. She didn't know what to say.
    tab "Olivia?"
    tab She whispered softly, "I love you, too," and looked up at Liam.
    tab Liam smiled a gentle smile and cupped his left hand to her cheek, "Haha, lucky me."
    tab Olivia looked at him confused.
    tab "You know, right now, I must be the luckiest guy in the universe. Want to know why?"
    tab "Why?"
    tab "Because I have you. You could've been with anyone, but you picked me."
    tab "But you make me feel like the luckiest girl, because with all the eyes in the world, you had to stare into mine."
    tab "You do have amazing eyes, though. It's not like I could help it." Liam nudged her in the side.
    tab "Haha, well. We should be getting to our cabin, it's already night. We're going to get kicked out if we don't get there soon. Haha."
    tab They walked in the moon light holding hands, finally.
    tab And the last words said to each other that night before they slept was, "Together, forever."