• Eternal Light

    There is this city where you can easily set aside your troubles like it never begun casted down onto you like a shadow but furthermore there are no troubles in this brilliant city because the laws are enforced properly. I was raised in this inner wall of joy city and ever since I was a small boy I wanted to share my passion of foreseeing the coastline which leads outside the perfect city then out of the blue I got a glimpse of a perfect match for me. Therefore the drapes are lifting to the ceiling from the ground which the setting is just another sunny day in Eternal Light which is a rare glimpse but it seems to be always shinning oh so brightly down onto our horizon.

    Seeing how joyful Lisa really puts you into a trace of having a climax of happiness which is kind of hard to come by in this world. Lisa is a tall petite girl from an average city of a population about 200k in the glamorous city called Rapture. It's been a while since I first met her in this glorious city where everyone cares about one another and they look after each other which makes the crime rate pretty much slim to none. The outfit consisted of a pink floral dress with the ends torn to make indentions at the bottom; furthermore Lisa had pink high heels to match her dress and also wore many pink bracelets on each hand. Lisa was in a pub called Roxbury which is one of the best night clubs for trance and she was all dressed up from head to toe. Lisa has silky blonde hair it shined like the sun which it reflected off of her yellow eye shadow which made it like, I was getting blinded by the reflection of pure beauty. I love my luck so many great things to me away plus my avoidance of danger is slim to none. Anyways while I was earning money my ambition was to return to take her hand being a single guy can be really lonely which makes you troubled causing the mind to enforce heavy drinking or another form of release of depression such as sessions of watching x-rated flicks on the television. But enough of that my main goal was to have Lisa in my arms clinging to me for the rest of our life span. Eternal Light which is a future city full of holograms showing the current council members...they pretty much make all the rules and deeply forcing each civilian to be a thinking of only doing the right instead of wrong. It was filled with constant movement on the sidewalk that looped around the city but what was weird is that there wasn't any regular cars on the roads instead they had unique cars that could soar up high into the sky. The source of the energy of everything that was in this bio-dome feel from the sky generations ago from the sun they are pure energy in a form of a meteorite. Also scientist started cloning these meteorites so the bio-dome had unlimited resource of energy. There are rivers which flow gracefully around the coastlines of the beach but it's not an amateur flow of water in fact it's deadly unless you know the currents traveling speeds up to about 30 miles per hour. The only way out of this dome and that was the river that flowed within the city from the coastline of the deep blue ocean. It would be a glorious journey to get out of this controlled habitat that we humans live in. I wanted to show Lisa how macho one can be by guiding her all the way to river bank to the coast line of Eternal Light, hopefully I'll win her heart plus maybe she will spread her arms out to hug me as she is released from all fears.

    I can't believe she is there just willingly looking back at me with this cunning smile which makes me light as a feather, I have to carry the luggage to the car so we can retrieve the canoe then head out to the mouth of the river. Lisa was talking to me about what a trance of how romantic this atrocious river and maybe just maybe she will let me carry her to the canoe just like in the movies but instead of the car it would be a canoe. I'm pretty glad that the money I saved up was enough to afford all this things for each outcome of the path that we take and the skills I learned at my job which is to control the small robotics arm that extend my arms to mix the chemicals of nitrous oxide making laughing gas for the local dentist. Not bad of a job in fact pretty much a blow off job earning a decent life which gives me all the money I'll need to provide Lisa with all her desires and maybe just a little more. But the money no longer matter because we I led her on into thinking that we should escape from this perfect world and Live outside the box thinking freely without any regulation. Lisa took my hand when I was in a trance of thinking the last memories that were developed from the past and she dragged me to the car which made a ruckus from the people surrounding us was getting pushed to the side as she penetrated the crowd going to their homes . The crowd was mocking me how rude I was but it didn't even affect me while Lisa was holding my hand so gently it's like there is no pain in this world when being with her. I wish there wasn't anyone around anymore except just me and my spontaneous girlfriend; she made my life into a courageous as it can be. We got to her house in quite of a hurry to escape from the smog world which we dwell on day and day out it took us a half an hour to put up her belongings then we loaded the canoe on top of the car and headed down to the river. Each step that we took while holding the canoe over our head was a sentimental value which words cannot describe the emotional towards it. The stress was descending as well upon our hearts going through the meadow which was filled with assorted wild flowers growing alongside the dirt trail which must have been here for an eternity. Arriving by the river at sun high was a beautiful time to start because by the time we made it to the coast the sun then we could set up a campfire and enjoy smores sitting side by side spreading the warmth. As we breached the rugged rocks I noticed that there were plenty of algae to cause a sudden slip of footing but lucky for us my sense of balance was super. Lisa was a bit frightened of getting into the river but after calming her down for a brief moment she was able to step in and gently brining her temperature down to around 70 degrees which isn't too bad of a temperature to be for a long period of time. She jumped in the front of the boat balancing the paddle with her left hand and the other handing lifting her body from the water towards the outer rim of the boat. As soon as she was in the boat secured I threw my paddle in oftly hastily because I didn't wanted to deliberate waste the precious daylight on setting up the balance of the canoe.

    We were finally on our way down the river with the sweet smell of oranges in the air from the valley that was near us but before we pushed off of shore we kissed each other on our sweet bitter lips which was delightful and brought our spirits so high that it felt like we were In the clouds lightest as one can be. We gracefully glided down the river at a slow pace to enjoy the scenery around us seeing the wild life puts me in a humble mood like nothing can bring me down. The river is such a rapid flow towards the outer city is like no other around the current could easily swallow a mere human up like it was a branch that broke off from the dam. But in spite of that the ground level from the river was like a valley of diamonds because it shined oh so brightly it always startled me just looking at it for a brief moment, the never ending flow of algae with such outrageous patterns at the bottom which is all created from the mud created from the current is unheard of. The strange vines that twirl around the broken trunks off a tree makes me wonder how deep are the roots are into the ground. Nevertheless together went alongside the city seeing all the tourists watch us two loves birds gracefully paddling down the river just the two of us like a fairy tale from our ancestors that has been passed on for generations. Lisa stomached growled like a bear but it I laughed uncontroversial without no reason...Lisa was displeased but after a few minutes she laughed along as the roar was oftly hysterical. Furthermore It even startled the birds which they raced away from us afraid of getting swallowed whole by a ferocious black bear who was craving for a feast, we pushed our paddles together on the right side with all of our might forcing the canoe turning to the lift side...our canoe moved oh so slow to the side but once we hit landed we both sighed as our journey is safe till the next encounter. We pushed the canoe up the shoreline about four feet away from the river so it won't float away because that wouldn't be too fun swimming after a canoe while the current is rapidly trying to take us down like a enfeeble creature. I was searching for a small two pieces of flint to make a small camp fire to cook up some grub for my dear Lisa who is patiently waiting on a log; Lisa was holding a small canteen filled with spring water from a nearby creek. It took a couple of tries to strike the rocks at the right time making sparks to light to the kindle...good thing I brought a small fan instead of blowing on the fire because at any giving time I could accidental could blow too much water out when blowing outrageous amounts of air pressure into the chamber. The amount of heat from the fire was particularity hear warming which gives off of a aura of the surrounding of feasting, Lisa brought out a can of chili then got the can opener to cut out the metal from the top so we could pour it into a small pot. After we ate side by side we gathered up the dishes to walk to the river to clean everything off to continue down the river for a few more miles before all the daylight is gone. We gathered our things arranging the camping equipment just right so the weight would be balanced so we wouldn't tip over while swooshing through the rapids dodging jagged rocks where it could tear the threshold at giving tip. Lisa got in first settling in cozy with her paddle in her right hand holding it firmly but gracefully, she turned back giving me a nod that's it my turn push the canoe into the river with one motion while jumping in softly trying to tip over in shallow water although that would be amusing to get drenched though Lisa wouldn't be too pleased seeing that she is only wearing skinny blue jeans with anti slip sneakers with a Cami under a short different – colored Cami that both have laced around the top, but since it's summer Lisa has her in a pony tail with light blue blush which brings her eyes out. I noticed the bending and turnings of the river was innumerable; indeed, it rarely coils itself around the bend but the forks standing in the pathway are divided wickedly like a puzzle but luckily along as you stay on the right it leads towards the ocean which is our destiny to escape the Eternal Light. The vegetation along the sides of the bank was a glorious thing to see as the wild berries spreading through the grass on the bank it was nearly impossible to think how many berries within the long strips of bushes but there was also this scent of saltwater in the air so our final stop wasn't too far from the exit. The water was settling in just a little bit at the sun was lower drastically slow but when as it lowered the color that shined across the mirror was red...It was beautiful almost as Lisa is sitting in front of me with her head bobbing side each time her paddled swiveled into the water. It was getting dark so we had to make a campground for the night to rest our weary eyes plus my back was killing me trying to sit in an upright position but the back support was angled with a downward slant. Lisa was yawning each stroke into the water decreasing the momentum that the canoe was going but nevertheless it was still cute to see her sleepy it makes you want to just support her head on your lap gazing at her body motionless besides her stomach exhaling then inhaling. A few hundred yards more we came to the particular spot where there was an opening in the forests where I spotted out a log they had fallen over which could easily make a relaxing place to sit on watching the flame dance like no other. I pated her on the shoulder pointing out the opening she nodded and begun paddling hastily to left to thrust the canoe onto the river bank while Lisa was paddling I dabbed my paddle on the left as well to point the front of the boat at the specific spot where rocks had a gap to easily maneuver to dock. We paddled together to thrust the canoe up onto the rough shores which had soft mud on the bottom but the shoreline was filled with jagged rocks which it was surprisingly making it a grip of the bottom of our canoe, I jumped out sinking into the mud she giggled watching me struggling pulling the boat onward onto the shoreline. Took a few seconds which seemed like an eternity but at least it was done then we gathered our tent with also some circular rocks that we collected to make a circle around the fire so it wouldn't spread causing a forest fire. While she was setting up our little green tent which was going to be a tight snug for us to be both in my task was to start the fire so we wouldn't catch a cold from the night which would be awful if that happened it would slow us a down quite a bit. As the fire was lit Lisa sneakily got behind me flinging her hands around me tightly holding me which made felt like a warm sensation swaying me side to side, I helded Lisa's hands for about an hour watching the fire dancing freely with no care in the world. Furthermore after a few hours of Lisa holding we went to the tent to sleep side by side face to face holding each other graciously soft until both of our lids lowered to dream of each other.

    As we wake up the next the fog had already settled in so snuggled that I couldn't even see my feet below...I stumbled on twigs every step I took trying to get closer to the campfire prepping our breakfast. Lisa was barely getting up she must've been worn out from all the rowing that we did from the previous day but it's almost done. As she was changing out of her pajamas I was preparing breakfast for her, the course contained two sunny side up eggs with a piece of bacon. Furthermore the meal was planed so that it would be packed with the nutrients needed to gain mass amount of energy for the journey ahead of us. As we settled in the canoe gracefully our last day in this perfect city was about to drift into a new era of peace. Lisa kissed me on my right cheek giving me this terrific sensation like I was set off like a firework on 4th of July. We both looked around the rapid river gazing at the tall trees with the slightest feeling of civilization; we cherished the last of the wild berries that surrounded the shore. The river started to gain more jagged rocks at each yard that we stroked the pathway didn't discouraged me the lightest bit all because in the end it was worth it. Our tiny green canoe smashed into a boulder that felt like I just got hit by a semi-truck...we were lunged out of canoe into the rapid rivers; time felt like it was in slow motion as we drifting down the river. We were drifting away from each other but we both had bright orange life vest on so the chances of drowning was slim but nevertheless unless we collided with a rock knocking out us out cold could most likely happen. Lisa started crying out for help share was in danger because she was the first one that was going to drop down the twenty foot drop that could snap our bodies like twigs. I was petrified of what was about to happen grabbing my life vest as hardest I courageous could hanging on foreseeing a tragic death. Furthermore we saw the canoe plunging into the drop hopefully it won't be crumbled of the rocks below. The last moment before I dropped not knowing if we would survive this event .the only thing that flashed before my eyes was the last few days I spent with Lisa; she was truly my everything in this lifetime and nothing could provide a little bit of what we had. The first breath that I took after blacking out from the treacherous fall the only thing that came into my visuals was this princess holding onto me with all of her might. Could it be that my existence has faded from this world and that I'm being drifted into another dimension never seeing my true love again? My worried heart was trembling with fear that felt like I was in a dark cave with no light or the slightest bit of the surroundings to map my way out. But after a few minutes that felt like a decade it was truly my precious Lisa who saved from passing away, my breath was taken away holding her in the canoe. She must've had the same ambition of being with me forever because it takes a lot of heart to fall twenty feet then managing to find the canoe and using all her strength settling into the canoe with the rapids still flowing out of control. Nevertheless saving her soul mate from the rapid is truly remarkable of using each ounce of strength to muster to survive. This is the last drop of External Light, the rest is a smooth passage making us remembering of all the challenges that we faced together on our journey to escape. I would truly do this all over again to be with the one that is within my heart making it whole. The river opened into a wider gap at each stroke that we took together as one.

    There was no more modern civilization which was a good thing our true purpose was to escape a perfect life and to grow as a couple pursuing happiness as a couple with no easy fixer upper tool of some sort. The birds were chirping as a new day was about to begin. Finally there was a sight of sand which gave us a huge relief knowing that our journey home was here because home is where you make it.