• A kid named Bam loved this girl to no end. He would do anything just to see her. He would walk across the earth just so he could get the smallest glimce at her. But the thing is the girl Bam likes (Shannon) does not care for him at all. She thinks less and less of him everyday. Then one day Bam relized if he wanted her he must try and get her back.
    Lets take you back in the past a bit. Bam tried to smoke his way out of this he tried to drink his way out of this he tried to drug himself up just to try and get out of the pain Shannon has caused him. Nothing worked. So he tried to get girls on the computer. Nothing he tried helped ease the pain of the one he has lost. So he tried something that he had never done before in his life. He went to his ex face to face and tried to get back.
    Bam walks up behind her. Slowly starts to hug her from behind and whispered to her "You know that i miss you right. And i want you back always and forever. Just like we said nothing would change us thats what we said remember?" But Shannon did not listen she just struggled to get away from Bam and ran away. As she runs to her friends Bam is left there in the dark silence. So he just sits there trying to fight off his tears that were coming down like a rainshower. He pulls out a pill out of his pocket and takes it. It knocks him out for the rest of the day so he would not have to deal with this.