• People base their opinons on what other people tell them, there is no exception. Before we are old enough to choose for ourselves, our parents implant their ideals in our heads. Killing someone is meciless and wrong, whereas helping an old woman live in excessive pain is right. These are some people's true opinions, but unless you can learn to search for the facts on your own with an open mind, you cannot form your own opinons.
    Most people believe that people do what is wrong (in their eyes) because they are going against what that person believes. However, I believe that they only do things that seem right to them. Dr. Kaborkian for instance. He helped the people kill themselves, but only if they were in excessive pain. There are times when death is prefferable.
    All I'm really trying to convey here, is that good and evil are states of opinion--nothing more. We see someone doing something different than us, and are threatened by them. Therefore, we label them as evil.