• John has a gf named Ella. Ella asked for a ring on her birthday. "Uhm sure!" said John.

    Its Ella's birthday and here is John. "Hi, John. So, where's my ring?" Ella said excitedly. "Here.", John handed her a talking doll.

    "A talking doll? I said I want a ring? What am I going to do with this?!!" Ella said angrily and she threw the doll on the street..

    John ran and tried to catch it but when John was on the street to catch it, an approaching car hit him and he died...

    Ella ran to John and she cried.! She picked up the talking doll ang hugged it tight.. The doll begun to talk "Happy Birthday, Ella! The ring's in the doll's pocket! Hope you like it..."

    Ella reached for the doll's pocket and got the ring. Ella cried for she is too late to say sorry and to say "That was the most romantic thing someone has done to me..."