• Magic Academy, Chapter 2!

    Chirp chirp. I jolt awake at the sound of birds. Wait. This is not my bedroom. I look around me perplexed. I was lying in a canopy bed, with a pink frilly bed spread tangled around me. It was an empty room except for the bed and a loveseat in the corner with some guy sleeping in it.

    Wait a second. I jump out of bed at the sight of the guy in the loveseat. Memories of last night filter through my mind and I remember who he is. “Jesse.” I whisper, slowly walking toward him. He stirs, but remains asleep. God. He’s just as hot as last night. So I wasn’t dreaming I realize suddenly.

    Oh god! My parents! They were probably at home with the cops right now! Oh, and the school! Obviously, they thought the explosion was my fault, I mean; I was the only one who didn’t leave the place with everyone else. I crumble to the floor with a loud thud. Jesse jolts awake. He jumps up. “Oh you’re up!” He stares at me. "Hungry?" He walks over and looks down at me. "Need some help up?" He reaches his hand down to me.Ishe crazy? Does he not realize I'm not going to be living much longer? I glare at him and he flinches back. I stagger, trying to steady myself as I get up. "Excuse me? Why would I give a flying f*** about breakfast? Do you not remember what happened last night? My parents are going-" He cuts me off there. "Oh, is that what you're worriedabout? Your parents have been dealt with." He sits dwon on the frilly pink bed. You've got to be kidding me? "You're serious? And they didn't even freak out about... you know...?" I drift off staring at his hands. No way was I going to forget about what I saw. "Uh, we didn't exactly, tell them the, uh, whole entire truth. We fixed your school up, so they thought it was just the students having some hallucenations or soemthing, and then we got a hold of your parents. Pretty much we told them that you were staying at Hannah's house." My mouth is hanging open, listening to the whole story. Damn did I have a whole bucket full ofquestions. "Wait...how do you know Hannah? And who is "we"? You keep saying, "Oh "we" did this, "we" did that!" Who is "we"?" Oh my god. Where am I anyway? What the hell was he going to do to me? What the hell was I going to do, now that my parents thought I was safe? I turned towad Jesse on the bed, bracing myself just in case he was thinking of feeling me up or anything. Yeah, he was probably way stronger than me, but I would take him if I had to. "Okay, don't get all paranoid. Don't start getting the claws out yet...you'll wanna do that later anyway, when you find out..." he mumbles fiddling with the bedspread. "Anyway, how about some breakfast?" He jumps up cheerfully. I look straight into his misty gray eyes. Who didhe think he was playing?
    I step in front of him. "I don't think so. I'm not going anywhere unless I get some answers!" I fold my arms, piercing him with a glare I usually saved for my parents when I wanted to saty out with friends longer. Either way, I was gonna win this round. He glares straight back, his eyes hypnotizing me. Damn his hotness. I was melting, I knew. Oh crap! I thought to myself. I was gonna lose. "Come on! Don't be stubborn! Come have breakfast first." Jesse whispers smoothly, walking slowly toward me. He reaches out a hand. "Come on." He whispers silkily.
    I grab his hand, unfocused, lost in space. Wait. I snap back to reality. He was doing this to me on purpose! I grip his hand like iron, and twist it behind his back. Jesse snickers. "Is that the best you can do, Lucy?" Using his other arm, Jesse snaps his fingers. Suddenly, the curtains are wrapping themselves around me. What the bloody hell?He gaffows, wrapping it around it till there's about an inch left. My brain freezes, trying to comprehend what he just did. "I knew it! You're gonna kill me!" I squirm around trying to break free, and lose my balance. I thunder to the ground face first. Not my best moment, let me tell you. "Holy shite!" Jesse runs over. "Ouch." I mumble as blood trickles out of my nose. Jesse lifts me up, considering that I was still wrapped up. "I am so sorry, Lucy! You know I would never have hurt you if you hadn't just did what I asked!" He grunts defensively, as he snaps his fingers again.
    The curtains are removed, and I fall onto the bed. "Can I have a tissue, please? I mumble, my head held up. Ick, I sounded all phlegmy."Yeah, sure!" He shakes his hand again and a tissue appears. He rushes over like a servant. You know, I kind of like it like this. Me, the queen. Him, my beloved servant. Hee hee. Ow. Nose.
    "Now. I'm sorry I hurt you, but I'm pretty freaked out right now! No one, and I mean no one, well, except Esmeralda, has been able to defeat my trances!" He paces back and forth and I watch him.
    He really needed to chill.
    "Well, maybe you shouldn't try to control me!" I hiss, glaring. He shakes his head and lifts his head slowly. He catches my eye, and I gasp. The sadness in them, rips my heart open. "I'm so sorry I'm going to take your life away." He replies, sadly. What the hell was he talking about. It was JUST a nose bleed. "Hey! Calm down. It's not like my nose hasn't bled before." I wipe up my nose quickly, because I bet I'm not looking very attractive with the blood and all. I cursed the moment when I would have to look in the mirror. He still didn't look convinced. "Hey. I'll make you a deal. I'll forgive you if..." He looked up expectantly. "If...you get me some breakfast and...tell me whats going on here and what happened last night." The pity left his face. "You know, that's a lot of requests." He states, bluntly.
    "Yes, I know, but I thought, since I'm the one with the bloody nose AND the pretty female, I thought, I should get as many requests as I wanted." I muttered, blushing. Hey? Don't give me that crap. He's hot. I was going to flirt with him whenever I got the chance.
    He smirks, chuckling darkly. "I barely know you and I'm already being blackmailed." I laugh innocently. "Well... I wouldn't techincally call it blackmail. More like... a negotiation." I giggle, snuggling up into the bed. "Now. Where is my breakfast?" I demand, wickedly. "Ha ha. Your wish is my command. He snaps his fingers and a platter of delicious food appears before me.
    And I'm not just talking about your average scrambled egg breakfast either. There's croissants, eggs, toast, cereal, you name it.
    "Nice." I whsiper, "This is what I call a breakfast." I smile happily at Jesse. "Happy? Good. Now, I have a question for you."
    I shove a bagel into my mouth. "Shoot." This is so delicious. Yum. "Why'd you let that douche bag almost try to kiss you?" The pent up anger that explodes from him, surprises me. I choke on my bagel. *cough cough* "Excuse me? What does my personal life have anything to do with you, thank you very much?" I finish my bagel and continue.
    "And how do you even know that I was going to kiss him?" He blushes and looks down. "I guess I'm going to have to start explaining myself, huh?" Whoa, someone's a genius. "Uh, duh! Now get talking." I'm diving for the orange juice when he finally continues.
    "Once upon a time..."