• Escena 2

    El tiempo pasa rápido en la novela verda? Si se pierden y no saben cuantos años an pasado lean el diario de Gaby.

    Un año después. Gabriela termina el diseño y la mandan a probarlo como shuttle de entrenamiento.

    Abril 11, 2005-Hoy va hace mi primera misión de entrenamiento con James. El va a estar viendo si todas las computadoras y el motor estan funcionando durante el entrenamiento.

    James’ diary- Yeay training mission!

    Gabriela- Hi good afternoon professor Tom, I’m ready for my training.

    Prof. Tom- Well hi you must be new. My name is tom and im here to teach you how to fly.

    Gabriela- Oh ok. I noticed that were using a model of mine, that’s great!

    Prof. Tom- Yea we sure are, and to make sure nothing goes wrong with the engine or the electronics we’ve got a special guest… James.

    Gabriela- Wow, cool.

    James- Hi Gaby how are you long time no seen, it been like 5 seconds.

    Gabriela-(Lo besa en el cachete) Yea, what a coincidence we’re going together. This is our 1st trip together you know.

    Prof. Tom- Let me guess you two know each other right?

    Gabriela y James- (Ala misma ves) Yes.

    Prof. Tom- Well lets get going. (Empiezan a verificar los sistemas). Houston all systems are go. Ok, say this when every thing is ready for launch, once you say this Houston starts countdown.

    Gabriela- Ok. (Toma notas)

    Houston- Prepare for countdown.10…9…8…7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off!

    Gabriela- Find a happy place... find a happy place…Oh god, oh s**t! (Cierra sus ojos y empieza a rezar y cundo termina dice) I don't want to die!

    James- Gaby it’s going to be ok we are almost out of the atmosphere.

    Prof. tom- Let me guess, she gets dizzy if she doesn’t close her eyes and sleeps right… (Pokes Gaby) I think she’s already asleep.

    James- She always does that in long road trips.

    Prof. Tom- Wake her up were already in space.

    James- Gaby... (La menea) Wake up.

    Gabriela- Uh… Oh sorry about that I got drowsy.

    Prof. Tom- So ok once in space you put the shuttle to orbit earth once you do that you can stop at the satellite space station to check how things are going. (Pone la nave en orbita) strange this is the first time someone of the training group doesn’t get dizzy.

    Gabriela- I’m the kind of person that when I don’t fell ok I fall asleep. You remember the jet plane that simulates a trip in a shuttle, I fell asleep the whole way; but I got the chance to experience gravity.

    Prof. Tom- Interesting. I remember my training I was sick and dizzy like for a week.

    Gabriela- Now that’s disturbing. Now tell me if I want to navigate how do I manage all these buttons?

    Prof. Tom- Ok well, let me describe each one. These 3 red buttons are for the landing gear, these that say each part of the systems are for when you are in an emergency you can shut down, separate or activate the power. Then there’s the control wheel that you have to maneuver slowly. There’s also equipment to inspect the ship once in a while to find if it has anything broken.

    Gabriela- Ok, can you give me some examples of what you use to inspect the ship?

    Prof.Tom- Of course, we have cameras on each wing and at each end of the ship, there is a arm extension to scan the different parts of the ship, also we put some cameras on the station were they put the ships on each mission and we collect any debris that might have fallen off and take it back home to analyze what cause the piece to fall off.

    Gabriela- Ok, and in case of medical emergency what do I do?

    Prof. Tom- Oh yea that part. You have to talk to my friend Henry, he is a professional doctor.

    Dr. Henry- Hi, well in case of medical emergencies in a real mission we use this cabinet that has all the first aid supplies you need. To even the strangest of symptoms we’ve got medicines that can relief pain. We also send new vaccines and stuff for emergencies to different missions so the astronauts can test them and tell us is its good or not.

    Gabriela- Oh ok.

    Prof. Tom- Ok now let’s put on the suits and go to the station.

    (Todos se preparan para ir al satélite)

    Dr. Henry- This is were we get the information updated, check if all the systems are ok, and then orbit earth again to go back to earth. That is just a normal mission. A construction mission you do the same but continue the construction of the shuttle. Then there a moon mission that is the greatest of all, you do the Apollo 11 strategy of going to the moon and when you get there you start analyzing and experimenting.

    Gabriela- Cool, very interesting. (Mira los alrededores del satélite.)

    Prof. Tom- Ok it’s time to head back home. Everyone make sure that they have enough oxygen left ok.

    (Todos verifican y se van)

    James- Gaby I can’t breathe

    Gabriela- (coge aire y conecta un tubo para con partir aire) Hold your breath. Let’s breathe in elapsed cycles ok.

    Prof. Tom – Hurry you must little oxygen left!

    Gabriela- (Empiesa a sudar por la falta de aire) Come on James you’ve got to help me get you to the ship.

    (Los dos usan su energía para llegar, ellos se dan cuenta que hay algo raro en la nave)

    James- Thanks Gaby.

    Escena 3

    Si lo se James es medio dramático y súper perfecto para ser un hombre normal y corriente, pero ya vas a ver que el coje control como todos los hombres de este mundo. Pero no se preocupen la obra tiene un final feliz.

    Abril 11, 2005 segunda parte-Por fin pude llegar a la nave con James. Ahora lo único que falta es tratar de llegar a la tierra con la poca gasolina que tenemos. Espero que lleguemos a tiempo y con vida.

    James’ diary-I hope I end up alive.

    Dr. Henry- I think we’ve got a problem the gasoline is almost out, Tom check in the engine room if there’s enough to do the impulse method.

    (Tom verifica y de repente se oye un grito de ayuda)

    Tom- Henry help!

    Henry- Ok coming ok you two land the plane use the impulse method, I think Gaby knows what I’m talk talking about.

    Gabriela- Yes sir! Ok James sit next to me and shut down the engine.

    James- Ok, this is scaring the s**t out me… Not cool. (Apaga el motor)

    Gabriela- Lets wait two minutes and turn one the engine again. Hey Henry is Tom ok?

    Dr. Henry- Yes he is he just fell and got a fractured leg.

    Gabriela- Ok just making sure. James turn the engine on and count 10 seconds.

    James- Ok. (Empiesa a contar) and I turn it off right…? (Apaga el motor)

    Gabriela- Yes. Its working, were getting closer to earth.

    James- Is that good or bad?

    Gabriela- Good.

    Al hacer este procedimiento varias veces y logran llegar cerca de la atmósfera.

    Gabriela- Ok just one more impulse and were preparing for landing. Houston this is Gaby; we are requesting an emergency landing because of low fuel.

    Houston- Ok, we are preparing the track for landing.

    Gabriela-Ok preparing systems for landing. (Empiesan a apretar los botones para aterrizar) We have entered the atmosphere.

    Mientras la crisis pasaba en Houston se quedaron sorprendidos.

    A dude that Works at NASA- Is she new?

    Another dude- Yea, new people aren’t supposed to fly a shuttle. What the hell is she thinking?

    A dude- I have no idea, and she says it’s an emergency landing on a training shuttle… That’s weird.

    Another dude- Yea she is so risking her life, that’s very brave.

    A dude- Shut up we are getting a message.

    Gabriela- We have passed the atmosphere were going at a really high speed to land. Please tell me the instructions of landing in Houston.

    Houston – Don’t worry about the speed, handle the landing. Start going down slowly.

    Gabriela- Ok. (Empiesan a bajar la nave) I’m already seeing the track, what do I do know?

    Houston- Ok activate landing wheels.

    Gabriela- Ok. (Activa el sistema) Prepare for landing

    Se oye el chillido de las gomas y la nave aterriza.

    James- Am I alive? (Se toca) Im alive! Oh my god we landed! Gaby you did it!

    Gabriela- Yea I did it, Dr. Henry is Tom ok?

    Dr. Henry- Yes he is. Now James help me carry him. (James y el levantan a Tom)

    Earmuff guys- Are you guys ok? Here let us help you. (Ellos cojen a Tom y se lo llevan)

    Gabriela-(Se quita el casco del uniforme de forma bien Charlie’s Angels) I always wanted to do that.

    James- Right...You have too much imagination for one person to bear.

    Gabriela- Why thank you.

    The guys at NASA- We’re glad that you could handle such a situation and for that we give you this. (Le dan una invitación a la ceremonia de medallas.) You’ll have a slependid time.

    Gabriela-(Con los ojos brillantes) Wow, thanks.

    Escena 4

    Abril 12, 2005-Ayer fue un día bien activo y me siento cansada de todo eso. Hoy por lómenos voy a cojer me un break y me vio a la ceremonia de medallas. Parece que NASA esta reconociendo mi trabajo.

    James’ diary- Well yesterday was a very shocking day; I was almost out of oxygen. I owe my life to Gaby; she’s the bravest girl I know. I think that in the ceremony she’ll receive a great surprise.

    Gabriela- What am I going to wear tonight? (Mira su closet) Oh this could be it let me see. (Se pone el traje) Yeah defenetly it. (Se va al baño a cambiarse)

    James- (Se pone una camisa formal) Those this look good?

    Gabriela- (Abre la puerta y mira) Yeah it does.

    James- Gaby we’ve been a long time together, why do you have to change in the bathroom?

    Gabriela- Because I’m still shy to change with you. I don’t like that.

    James- Oh ok.

    Gabriela- I’m done. (Sale del baño)

    James- I’m done too... Oh my god! You look fabulous, wow. (Esta en shock)

    Gabriela- Impressed its one of my favorite. Ready?

    James- Yea lets go.

    Legan ala actividad y se sientan. El presentador empieza la ceremonia.

    Gabriela- Hey that’s Jacob.

    James- You know the host?

    Gabriela- Yea he was speaking in a seminary along time ago. He was one of the astronauts I interviewed for a project. I think he remembers me still.

    Jacob the host- Now to present the last medal, it’s for a person that risked her life in a training mission and landed the shuttle to safety. I think I still remember her she interviewed me for a project, and to think now she’s already one of us. This trophy goes to Gabriela.

    Gabriela- (Mira hacia los lados y se levanta) Ok. (Empieza a caminar y llega a la tarima) Hi Jacob. (Shakes his hand)

    Jacob- You know what? I’m proud of you. Congratulations!

    (Toda la audiencia aplaude)

    Gabriela- Thanks. (Lee el trofeo) Trophy of courage for saving a training program. Interesting. Can I go now?

    Jacob – Yes please sit down. (Y dice a la audiencia) And that has concluded our medal ceremony thanks for attending.

    (Todo el mundo se va)

    James- Oh I’m so proud of you come here... (La abrasa bien fuerte)

    Gabriela – Thanks. I never expected this. It was a total surprise.

    James- Yea for me too, let’s go celebrate.

    Se van a una discoteca a bailar y celebrar. Al próximo día reciben una sorpresa en el correo

    Gabriela- Hey James come here there’s a letter of NASA for the both of us.

    James- Yes tell me, open it!

    Gabriela- (Lee la carta) Holy s**t! Oh my god! We’ve been promoted to build and ride a shuttle to the moon!

    James- Yes! Hi 5!

    Gabriela- And it says that I have to design it. I’m going to start right now.

    Pasan unos días.

    Gabriela- James come look at the shuttle design.

    James- (Mira) Impressive! It looks like Apollo 11.

    Gabriela- It’s going to be a replica.

    James- Ok I’ll start working on the engine.

    Gabriela- Ok. I’ll send the design to NASA so they could build it.

    Pasan unos dias

    James- Hey we’ve got another letter and it says that the shuttle should be finished by September. That gives me enough time to finish the engine and install it to the ship.

    Gabriela- Great, we can go on vacation or road trip; if you have the time.

    James- Yea sure on week ends.

    Ellos siguen trabajado en la nave, añadiendo partes y ajustando el motor. Ellos pasaron un buen verano juntos.

    Acto 3 Escena 1

    En la misión el grupo tiene que analizar un pedazo de asteroide que callo en la luna. Esto es un evento verdadero tomado de la nueva mision Discovery y otras anteriores que han analizado pedasos del asteroide que se a regado por diferentes partes del universo. Lo único que no es real es que un de los pedasos callo en la luna.

    Septiembre 9, 2004 - Hoy por fin terminaron la nave y ya podemos ir a NASA a la nueva misión. Espero que el grupo sea amigable. Por lómenos james se va conmigo.

    James’ diary-Yeah moon mission! I’ll have the greatest time ever in the moon with Gaby. I hope no problems occur; at least we have every thing ready. I just have a felling that when we come back home our lives will change forever. I think I think I can do something drastic in the flight, I don’t know what will happen.

    Gabriela- Look a poster! (Lee) Cool, Apollo18.

    James- Cool I think were here look there’s the group.

    Tour shuttle man- Hello, you two must be the new astronauts, nice to meet you. I’ll introduce you to the group. (Apunta a cada uno) This is Paul, William, and Jacob.

    Gabriela- Not again, hi Jacob.

    Jacob- Hi.

    James- Hi I’m James.

    Paul- (En suspiro hacia William) I bet you ten bucks that this girl can’t speak English.

    Gabriela- Hola amigos.

    James- What the hell are you doing Gaby?

    Gabriela- (En murmullo que nadie oye) Speking Spanish.

    Paul- Told you so William, pay up.

    William- Not just yet.

    Tour shuttle man- Well let me show you the basic stuff that you have. You have a personal diary that you will write in each day if you want, computers, a video cameras, your own menu to choose of foods, and equipment for when you get to the moon. Any questions

    Gabriela- Um yes I have a question, in my training mission I didn’t understand well how to use the shower could you show me?

    Tour shuttle man- Sure follow me.

    William- Were are my ten bucks? (Con cara de ‘I rock’)

    Paul- Oh screw you.

    Gabriela- I’m back and I got the whole point of the bathing thing.

    Tour shuttle man- So that’s all. So put your things in the shuttle and well go to the preparation room.

    Se van todos al cuarto y se preparan para el viaje. Después de eso escogen sus comidas. Después recibieron noticias.

    Tour shuttle man- We just received a message. CNN decided to broad cast the whole flight.

    Everyone- Yea!

    Gabriela- My puertorrican family can see me, yeay!

    Suben las escaleras para llegar a la nave.

    Gabriela- Oh hell no I’m not going up those spiral stares. They scare the s**t out of me.

    James- You’re afraid of stairs?

    Gabriela- Yes. (Mira hacia las escaleras con miedo)Evil stairs... E-V-I-L.

    Jacob- Take the elevator.

    Gabriela- Yeay, the elevator!

    Llegan al shuttle y se sientan.

    William- Who designed this shuttle? It’s amazing!

    Gabriela- I did.

    William- Impressive.

    Jacob- (Verificar sistemas) All systems are go for launch.

    Gabriela- (Empieza a rezar y cuando termina dice) Oh God please save my a** once again…

    Houston- Starting countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off!

    CNN- This is CNN broadcasting the great launch of Apollo 18, the last model of the moon mission of the 1960’s. There almost out of the atmosphere, this is the hardest part of any mission if they make it out there already half way throw there mission. This is the first time that there’s a young female going to the moon, the troop and NASA have chosen her to touch the moon and make history.

    Escena 2

    En la casa de la mama de Gaby, sus padres y cuarenta y ocho otros familiares, amigos, vecinos y el muchacho que reparte el periódico están frente a la televisión esperando a ver a Gaby.

    Gaby’s mom- ¡Cállense todos! La nena va a salir en televisión.

    Gaby’ little bother- Look every one it’s my sister she’s saying hi.

    CNN reporter- Would you like to say something Gaby?

    Gabriela- Yes, (Luego cambiando al español) Hola mami, papi, hermanito; ¿Como están? Espero que estén bien. Deséenme suerte, I love Puerto Rico!

    Family- (A coro) We love you too.

    Jacob- We’ve done it were out of earth.

    CNN- They have made it.
    Escena 3

    Septiembre 9, 2004 segunda parte- Yeay! Were in space I can’t wait to get to the moon. This will be exciting.

    Jacob- Let get this to orbit. We can walk now and experience gravity.

    Paul- Oh thank god, my a** was asleep from all that waiting.

    William- Need bathroom break, be right back.

    Gabriela- Can I get a nap now… (Bostesa y se duerme)

    Jacob- Sure.

    Paul- Lets annoy her.

    William – No leave her alone.

    Paul- Oh come on! It’ll be fun (Pokes her)

    Gabriela- (Le agara la mano y dice) Got you!

    Paul- Freaking s**t! She’s good.

    William- Told you not to mess with her.

    Gabriela- Check this out, I’m floating. (Empieza a bailar en el aire) This is fun!

    James- (La sigue) Yea it is.

    Jacob- Lets get comfy and take these suits off.

    (Cada uno se cambia excepto Gaby)

    William- Gaby what’s wrong? Aren’t you going to change?

    Gabriela- Yes, I just need privacy.

    William- Oh ok your one of the shy people, that’s ok.

    Gabriela- It’s that you know your all men and I don’t like changing in front of men.

    Paul- (En suspiro hacia William) What a dumb a**.

    Gabriela- Heard that. May I remind you that everything you say in a whisper I can hear, so technically you’re the dumb a**.

    James- Oh now how’s the one being shutted up uh? Ha ha ha that serves you right for misjudging Gaby. You know you can’t mess with her because she has backup, which is me.

    (Gabriela espera que todo el mundo se vaya para cambiarse)

    Jacob- I think its time to eat. Let’s grab the frozen food and prepare them.

    Gabriela- Frozen? Ok, one word preservatives, not cool.

    Jacob- Don’t worry they are quite healthy.

    Gabriela- Ok. (Prepara su comida y la prueba) This is good!

    Jacob- Tomorrow we get out of orbit and head to the moon it will take a while but that why were here for.

    Gabriela- How long?

    James- Yea how long?

    Jacob- Almost a year.

    Paul- Ok didn’t expect that long but ok.

    William- I don’t care more vacations for me.

    Paul- All the missions are vacations for you, grandpa.

    Gabriela- Stop insulting William! Gosh!

    Paul- I’ll stop if you stop insulting me rookie!

    Gabriela- Well you’re the one who is insulting me for no reason and besides I don’t know what’s wrong with you I haven’t done anything wrong.

    Paul- Yea right, I’ve done nothing wrong… you have been since the beginning of the trip taking over slowly of the troop, like if you were the captain.

    Gabriela- What! I’m not doing that! You now what you suck!

    Paul- You suck more!

    Gabriela- Shut up! (Empieza a llorar)

    William- See what you did, you hurt her feelings. Stupid a**, imbecile.

    James- Ok calm down! Gaby please just calm down, Paul shut up.

    Gabriela- I’m done eating. I’m going to my bunk bed. (Se va a la cama a llorar)

    James- Gaby… (La sigue)I’m sorry I did mean t o offend you. (La abrasa)

    Gabriela- It’s just that I can’t take this. Paul is mean to me, I don’t like that, and I can see in his eye that he considers me inferior.

    James- Inferior? You’re not inferior to me.

    Gabriela- But he’s a raisist. He considers me inferior because I’m not form the U.S.

    James- Don’t let his words hurt you, stand tall and teach him that with you no one messes with.

    Gabriela- Yeah! I’ll teach his a lesson on manners. (Lo besa en el cachete y regresa a la mesa y se prepare el postre)

    Paul- Jesus; am I going see you complaining about I’m fat thing tomorrow.

    Gabriela- (Lo mira y sigue comiendo) When I’m eating I have no concience. (Se acerca el plato)

    Paul- Please you can share, it looks too much for you.

    Gabriela-(grrrrr) I’m kidding here take some. (Le da el plato de mantecado)

    Cuando todos terminan se van a dormir.

    Jacob- I better go to sleep now, any one care to join? (Todos lo siguen)

    Gabriela- Hey William, can I ask you a question.

    William- Sure.

    Gabriela- If you’re the oldest of us all why aren’t you already planning your retirement?

    William- I don’t get tired of this job, I love it since the day I began it. So I’m in no rush on quitting.

    Gabriela- Cool.

    Escena 4

    Paul’s diary- I can’t take this anymore .Gaby thinks she’s so cool and famous, yea right. The only thing is I can’t harm her she’s got back up.

    William’s diary- I just wish Paul would leave Gaby alone; she is just trying to get along and fit in, poor thing. I least she’s got James to protect her.

    Jacob’s diary- This is going to be a long year, my troop will be hard to control. But I can deal with it. I hope that Gaby wakes up happy tomorrow, because her day wasn’t that joy full.

    James’ diary- Today it was harsh, I made Gaby cry. I have never done that, man this is going so bad. At least she will be happy when we land on the moon. I hope she accepts my gift because I'm going to “pop the question” you know ask her to marry me on the moon while every one in the whole dam world is watching, yea it’ll be great.

    Gabriela’s diary- I can’t believe it James and Paul made me cry. I don’t know what’s wrong with James since the beginning of the trip he has been so silent. And it has been the worst day of them all; I can’t take this any more I just want to land on the moon and get this over with.

    Todos terminan de escribir se duermen y Gaby pone una música de coquies para calmarse.

    Paul-What he hell is that sound?

    Jacob- It’s like a frog or something.

    William- A frog! Let’s find it.

    James- A frog were?

    (Ellos cuatro empiezan a buscar y Gaby se queda dormida)

    Jacob- How can Gaby sleep with a frog in here?

    James- No idea and I’ve known her for quite a long time. She hasn’t told me anything about frogs in here home land.

    William- Were is she from?

    James- Puerto Rico.

    Jacob- Yea know I remember, when I was I child I captured one. It’s called a coqui, the yare harmless and we puertorricans love them more than Hawaiians.

    Paul- You’re from Puerto Rico too?

    Jacob- Yes, I just changed my name form Javier to Jacob.

    Pasan horas y no encuentran nada y Gabriela se levanta.

    Gabriela- Wow, I slept well. (Los mira) What happen to you guys?

    James- We were searching for hours for a frog named Coqui.

    Gabriela- (Se ríe) You guys are so stupid. It wasn’t a real frog it was my recorder that I have for when I feel home sick. (Lo prende) See, it’s just a recording of the Coqui not the real thing.

    Jacob- Ok. That is not funny.

    (Los muchachos de repente se duermen y Gaby se queda despierta para desayuno)
    (Gaby empieza a comer)

    Gabriela- You guys rest ill take care of the ship. (Mira hacia la ventana) Hey I can see Puerto Rico from here! Cool! Hey china! Wow this is so amazing earth is so shiny.

    Pasan horas, los muchachos no se levantan y esta anocheciendo en la tierra.

    Gabriela- Wow, the earth during night time is beautiful. Everything is dark except my island it’s still shiny. (Mira hacia la cabina de los muchachos) I better wake up the guys. (Los levanta) Hey sleepy heads time to wake up.

    James- Thanks. (La besa en el cachete)

    Jacob- Now I just got a message from NASA that we have to test this medicine on some one, who volunteers? (Derepente un silencio) Ok, Bunch of pussies I'll do it.

    Gabriela- I can do it.

    Jacob-(Busca la medicina y una inyeccion) This is a medicine of when you have excessive bone loss and the orange juice doesn’t work, so basically this is your only hope. Now Gaby take a deep breathe because this will hurt.

    Gabriela-(Coje aire y espera un segundo) Are you done?

    Jacob- Yes. Now tell me did it hurt? Any sudden side effects?

    Gabriela- No. I think if you didn’t hear me scream is that it didn’t hurt me. But those it have lactose or a side effect of diarrhea?

    Jacob- Yes.

    Gabriela- Oh yea definitely this is diarrhea. (Se va al baño, al rato sale)

    Jacob- Strange this is supposed to hurt, NASA scientist said it themselves.

    Gabriela- Oh that’s because they haven’t met me yet. I don’t feel too much pain, that means that you can hit me as hard as can at I’m not going to feel a thing.

    Paul- Cool. Those this hurt? (Empieza a darle pequeños cantazos con el dedo de una manera fuerte)

    Gabriela- No, that’s just annoying. The pokes that really hurt are mine. My secret weapons, my nails.

    Jacob- Ok. And what made you like that?

    Gabriela- The tons of scrapes, scars, sicknesses, injections, blood test, and falls of my childhood made me like this. Sometimes I hurt myself and I don’t even remember were I got my scar or black spot.

    Paul- Ok… that some thing new to see. (Con cara de nervioso)

    Gabriela- Don’t worry I’m not a new species of humans or an alien I’m just gifted.

    Paul- (Pensando) Gifted my a** this girl is strange!

    Escena 5

    El grupo decide aterrizar en la luna para hacer trabajo. They are a very lazy bunch of people.

    Un año después ya están preparados para aterrizar a la luna.

    Jacob- Houston we are ready for landing to the moon.

    Houston- Activating all system, broadcasting landing.

    CNN- This is CNN broadcasting the landing on the moon of Apollo 18 or the guaraguau, authentic replica of Apollo 11.

    Jacob- Activating landing gear. (Aterisar el avion)

    Gabriela- Houston el guaraguau has landed.

    Houston- (Aplaude) Congratulations… Ok what is a guaraguau? Everyone search the word guaraguau in the dictionaries!

    (Todos empiezan a buscar y de repente alguien dice)

    Dude- Ok. Don’t worry people it’s a bird, and besides it’s the closest thing to an eagle. (Todos se calman)

    Houston- Ok, what a relief. You can continue now.

    Jacob- Thanks. Gaby and James you guys go ahead and go as couple to walk in the moon. Go on and make history.

    (Gaby y James salen; toda la conversación de aquí en adelante es escuchada por todo el mundo en el canal CNN.)

    Gabriela- Wow this is amazing! Well here it goes. This is one small step for a female, one giant leap for puertorricans.

    (Todo Puerto Rico aplaude)

    CNN- We’re here in Puerto Rico seeing the commotion of fans cheering for Gaby. It’s getting so wild and out of control.

    Puerto Rican dude – Gaby! Gaby! (El tipo esta en bicicleta y tumba a la reportera) Estoy bien.

    Gabriela- Wow, this is amazing. James which flag do I put first?

    James- The U.S flag.

    Gabriela- Ok. (Pone la bandera) God bless America. Now for a surprise for puertorricans. (Pone la bandera de Puerto Rico) This is for puertorricans; it’s a gift for you. Puertorricans I give you the moon.

    CNN- Puerto Rico is getting out of control! All of the people are screaming that the moon is theirs! This is definitely going to the Times magazine.

    Gabriela- Ok lets go back to the ship and tell the guys that everything is clear.

    James- May I ask you a question before we go? (Habla por el microfono) Jacob, are the Houston and CNN cameras still rolling?

    Jacob- (Le pregunta ala nasa) Yes they are.

    James- Great.

    Gabriela- (Para de caminar y regresa hacia donde james) Yes tell me.

    James- (Se pone de rodillas y saca y abre una cajita que esta atada a su uniforme) Will you marry me?

    Gabriela- (En shock y sin palabras) Uh um he (gulp) Yes.

    James- Yes! (La abrasa) Hear that Houston were getting married!

    CNN- We’ve just received great news Gaby and James are getting married! And Puerto Rico is still cheering Gaby on!

    James- Lets tell the troop.

    (Regresan a la nave)

    Jacob- What happened?

    Gabriela- (En un tono de felicidad) We’re getting married.

    Paul- Say what?!

    Gabriela- Yes married. James proposed to me on the moon.

    William- Congratulations!

    Jacob- Now let’s go analyze the moon and celebrate at the same time!

    Todos- Yeah! (Empiezan a buscar el pedazo de asteroide)

    William- Hey I found the asteroid!

    Jacob- Lets start analyzing! (Le ponen dinamita al asteroide y explota) It looks like a crystallized mineral. Ok now let’s compare it to the material of the moon. (Empiesa a romper un canto de una montaña pequeñita) There isn’t anything we can compare it to.

    William- Maybe it’s from some were else.

    Jacob- Yea, well have to send it back home and analyze it or in the space satellite.

    Gabriela- Lets go. (Ella se va a la nave y los otros la siguen)

    Llegan al satélite Discovery.

    Jacob- Ok lets see. (Pone un pedazo del asteroide en un microcopió.)That’s interesting; it looks like a regular crystallized mineral. The only difference is that is a piece of rock from the asteroid MR136. This orbits close to the moon every ten years and has crystallized minerals similar to earth’s minerals. We should consider ourselves fortunate to have found this and take it home.

    Paul- All right! Were going to be famous.

    Gabriela- Not exactly. The one famous here is me.

    Paul- Since when?

    Gabriela- Well since the whole island of Puerto Rico started to scream my name in CNN.

    Paul- Oh…man I liked it better when I was famous.

    William- Well that goes to show that not everyone’s 15 minutes of fame last forever.

    Despues de analizar la luna deciden regresar a la tierra.

    Gabriela’s diary- Wow, hoy yo tuve el mejor día de mi vida. Mis fanáticos me apoyaron, me vio a casar con james e hice historia. Me siento tan feliz.

    James diary- I’m happy with myself. I finally was brave enough to ask her and she accepted! I can’t wait to get married!

    Paul’s diary- I think I underestimated Gaby; she can do more than I thought. She has done some amazing work, just like me. I just need to be less self-centered.

    William’s diary- I’m eager to talk to the president, he’s going to call us to congratulate the troop.

    (Suena el teléfono)

    Jacob- It’s the president every one! He wants to talk to Gaby! (Le da el teléfono a Gaby)

    Gabriela- Hello, Mr. President. Could you please hold I’m talking to the governor of PR. Pues como iba diciendo, cuando el problema de la gasolina va estar bajo control me puede avisar. Usted también tiene que hacer algo con los precios que están subiendo eso esta causando problemas con mi familia.

    Gobernador- Pues no se, yo te llamare cuando pueda hacer algo. Felicidades Gaby que disfrutes tu matrimonio. Bye.

    Gabriela- Aha sir hello.

    President Bush (Nota de la autora: it’s the president that we have now so I don’t have much of a choice) - Hello Gaby, congratulations on your historic flight. I’m happy to say that the governor of your country is happy to see the people celebrate and that you are happy about that. Also congratulations on your upcoming marriage, I hope it turns out ok.

    Gabriela- Thanks president. May send a message to my people?

    President- Sure.

    Gabriela- I would like to say hi to my mom and dad, I love you guys! Also to my beautiful island Puerto Rico and all of my fans. And to finish I love my family.

    President- Ok. I’ll make sure they receive this message. Bye.

    Jacob- He didn’t want to talk to anyone else… strange.

    (Se prende el visual transition thing)

    NASA station- Hello troops.

    Todos- Hello.

    NASA- We have good news, when you guys arrive home there’s going to be a special Time magazine interview on the life of Gaby in Apollo 18.

    Paul- Why does it have to be her?

    NASA- She did make history she deservers her fifth teen minutes of fame.

    Gabriela- Yea! How rocks, I rock! (Empiesa a victory dance)

    James- Congratulations! (La abrasa)

    Llegan a la tierra después de un año

    Escena 6

    Si lo se este es el acto mas largo pero no se preocupen esto terminando esto.

    Time magazine dude- So Gabriela, tell us your experience in the Apollo 18 trip.

    Gabriela-It was quite an adventure, because we ate together, slept in the same room in different bunk beds, insulted each other, made history, I’m getting married, and found out that an asteroid is similar to earth just because of its mineral content.

    Time magazine dude- That’s quite interesting. Tell me something about your personal life. Where are you from?

    Gabriela- I’m from Puerto Rico. I think this is a very touching moment for all puertorricans because I think there happy right now.

    Time magazine dude- Yea, I think there going crazy right now aren’t they?

    Gabriela- Yea they are.

    Time magazine dude- And this James for how long have you known him?

    Gabriela- Oh since the first day of university back in 98.

    Time magazine dude- People have told me that you’re gladly donating the space ship to the Florida museum of astronaut history is that right?

    Gabriela- Yes that’s correct. I want people to now that anyone can make a difference even people that aren’t like me.

    El señor le sigue preguntando asta que acaba y le pregunta por una foto.

    Time magazine dude- Come step right here for a photo. (Le toma la foto para la revista) Thanks for coming; it’s been great interviewing you.

    Gabriela- Oh no problem, it was a pleasure seen you too.

    El último acto o escena

    Priest- We are gathered here today to witness the union of these two in holy marriage. (Continua hablando. Nota de la autora: no me lo se de memoria, ok) So if no one has any objections we can continue with the couples vows. (Un momento de silencio) Ok, James repeat after me.

    Priest and James- I James take you Gabriela as my wife to live and to hold, in sickness and in health, in richness or poverty, to death do us part.

    Priest and Gabriela- I Gabriela take you James as my wife to live and to hold, in sickness and in health, in richness or poverty, to death do us part.

    Priest- Do you accept this vow’s and live in holy marriage?

    Gabriela and James- I do.

    Priest – You may kiss the bride (Gaby y James se besan)

    (La audiencia aplaude)

    Priest- I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Winter fey.

    (La audiencia tira flores y arroz)

    Gabriela- Now to throw the bouquet!

    Girls- Throw it!

    (Una de ellas lo coje)

    La mujer de 34 años – Yeay! (Mira) Hey... (Hica Jacob)

    Jacob- Hey...what’s your name?

    La mujer de 34 anos- Me I’m Amy.

    Jacob- Cool. Im Jacob, would you like to go out with me?

    Amy- Sure.

    Gabriela- Bye, see you when I return! Bye mom!

    Gaby’s mom- Bye, congratulations I’m so proud of you.

    Gabriela- Thanks mom, bye!

    Ultima pagina del diario Mayo 15, 2005- Finally I’m married. My life will never be the same now I just hope I have a good life with James, I think it will work out. I never expected something like this to happen, but you know you never know what might happen to your life; you might just have luck and end up like me famous. I hope you have enjoyed the story of hope, love, bravery, history, happiness, and the moon. I hope that you liked the story of me. (Decidí escribir en ingles para que tengan una idea de yo viviendo con alguien que no sabe español)

    CNN- And this has been the conclusion of the short movie and Time magazine’s documentary of the Puertorricans astronaut. Thanks for watching.

    Gabriela- (Apaga el televisor) See that we were on TV dear.

    James- Yea, that’s cool. Now let’s go to sleep I’m tired.

    Gabriela – Fine then suit yourself; good night dear. (Apaga las luces y varios minutos después.)

    Gabriela- Are you still awake?

    James- Yes, I am.

    Gabriela- Have you ever seen a sunset…?

    James- I thought you would never tell me your theories.

    Gabriela- Ok, well if you see carefully… (Sigue diciendo la historia como sino va a terminar)

    What did you expect a sad ending? Of course they lived happily ever after!

    The End