• ''So,what do you want to ask?'',Jane asks John.
    ''Jane pls tell me the truth,why did you come back here?''
    ''Because I miss my sister and Katherine.'',Jane answers.
    ''And what else do you miss?'',he ask.
    ''I miss school and Hilongos.'',she replies.
    ''Is that really all?''

    Jane was about to answer when the doorbell rings. She stands up and opens the door.
    There was this boy named Tom. She is Jane's new boyfriend.

    ''Hi Jane. I'm sorry I came here this late. It's because........ (John comes to the door to see if
    who's there.).....Who's he?(pointing to John).
    ''Oh,I'm John. Her book partner. I just came by to borrow the book for tonight. She usually brings the book.",he said trying not to hide is jealousy.
    "Book partner? It's still the first day of school." Tom said.
    "Well,we have this teacher who is so eager to teach us,so she gave us the books. But the number of books is just half our student's number,so we have to share." John lied.
    "Really Jane?" Tom asks facing Jane.
    "Yeah. I was going to get the book,but you knocked. So,I'm gonna go and get the book. Wait for a while here."she said.

    When she left,the boys talked.

    "She's amazing,isn't she?",John asks.
    "Who? Jane?"
    "Yeah,she is. She's not just amazing,she's also freakin' hot" Tom said.
    "So your her..........

    Jane interrupts them bringing a book.

    "Here's the book and be sure to return it tomorrow. K?", Jane asks.
    "Sure" John said and left.
    "What happened Tom? Why are you here?",Jane asks.
    "Well,my father let me stay out of the house for tonight because he got angry."
    "Angry?Why?",Jane asks
    "Hi my beloved. How have you been?", a girl who is wearing a black sleeveless and black mini skirt passed by and blinked at Tom.
    "Hi there hottie. cool ", he said staring at the girl w/out thinking that Jane is in his side.When he remembered Jane was there,he felt embarassed and faces Jane.
    "What did you just say?",Jane,who is filled with anger asks.
    "Nothing. I just said.............
    "You know what?!! You're just a useless lier who never cared about me. Damn,how stupid of me!! Go out with those girls!! I DON'T care!!!" Jane shouted.
    "But Jane,it was just a..........
    "A what??!!"She screamed.
    "Nothing!! I just came by here to tell you that I never liked you. scream I just liked you because of how hot you are b***h!!!"he shouted back.
    "Is that all you can say to her? How dare you treat my friend like that?! scream !",Katherine said when she heard Tom say those words to Jane.Katherine really came by to Jane's house to ask her about John,but what she saw was more than horrible.

    Jane ran to her room with tears running down her cheeks. crying

    "Yeah!! It's non of your business!!"Tom shouted.
    "Just leave b******t!!! You know what!!!,she NEVER loved you too!!!!"Katherine shouted at Tom who was a little ashamed at hearing that Jane never liked him.
    "Really? How do you know that she wasn't mesmerized by my coolness?",he said confidently.
    "Wanted to know why!!! Because she's in LOVE with SOMEONE else!!!"she screamed then slammed the door right after she pushed Tom away.

    "That's all for this time. Sorry if it's not good. I'm just so sleepy. I can only write stories like this when it's almost midnight here,because my dad don't like stories like this,so I have to write at the time that he is sleeping or tired to ask me what I am searching in the computer." Pls understand...... biggrin