• I can still remember the night dad answered the phone and was told that my grandmother, my mums mother had died alone in her home. I was playing the piano at the time, but stopped playing to hear what my dad was saying. I walked out of my room and looked at mum whilst dad handed her the phone, not able to look at her. When my uncle finished telling her what had happened, mum dropped the phone, started screaming and banging her head and hands against the wall. I turned away, only to see dad also crying. I have never seen my dad cry.
    Mum was getting changed to go somewhere, they wouldn't tell me and my sister. I went into mums room and hugged her, not sure on what i should do or say.

    My parents dropped me and my sister off at my other grandparents house. I walked into their house and thats when it finally hit me. I couldnt stop crying.

    I don't remember anything else about this night. I remember the funeral, although i was only six or seven. I stood with my other only living grandparents and just looked up to my grandmothers face, to see what reaction i should have on mine.